= Types of churches that sing traditional gospel hymns instead of new age worship? =

I grew up in Assemblies of God with an old school preacher and worship consisted of songs like “I’ll fly away”. I fell out of church when I went to college and this preacher passed away. I didn’t really like his replacement and the more modern direction of the church. Anyway, I’m in my late twenties now and wanting to get back into church but don’t know where to start. Do any churches still sing gospel hymns? Have choirs?
*contemporary worship, not new age ~ apologies

I don't mean to be unhelpful and split hairs, but are you honestly calling contemporary Christian music part of the New Age?
Anyway, Catholic and Orthodox are very traditional, even older than the hymns you're talking about. Otherwise you'll probably find a lot of Presbyterian and Lutheran churches will on the Protestant side

No I used the wrong term!! I’m sorry. I meant contemporary and I’m only talking about the music side. I’m used to southern choirs and going back to church after my hiatus was kind of a shock. It felt more like a concert to me & II didn’t really connect with the worship style. I didn’t mean any disrespect

Some Presbyterian churches do. The best thing may be to go online and see if you can listen to a service. That’s typically what I do

That’s a really good idea. Thank you. I want to get an idea of how church is with other denominations and am trying to narrow them down

That’s beautiful and I love the feel of it. I’m talking about something different though. Maybe I’m not using the correct terms lol. I’m new to Reddit so I’m just gonna add a comment in the main thread with an example
I'm not sure about Choirs, hymns I've not found in my area for years. It makes mewith rock concert worship

Same :( It was sad for me to revisit my old church and see how much it had changed. Music is how I feel that emotional connection with God so it’s really important to me

I mean music like this…not necessarily country but the choir version of this I guess
Man, I love Earl Scruggs. Have you ever heard of Sacred Harp music?
Try here. Non-denominational 100% scriptural based. A capella singing

Ones I know of
-Fundamental Baptist (I don't recommend)
-Some Southern Baptist
-Church of Christ (although often without music)
-Some of the independent Bible Churches