**Cheerleaders are known for their upbeat dances, but one youngster admitted she never wears a bra underneath her costume because she prefers freedom to support with the Clara Walker video viral on Instagram**
It seems like Clara Walker does not care about peoples opinions

**Cheerleader Clara Walker Gets Her B**bs Out In Viral TikTok And Instagram Video**
Cheerleader Clara Walker claims that despite people advising her to wear a bra under her outfit, she finds that she is comfortable without one, according to the Sun. Cheerleader Clara Walker,19, posted the video with her over 130k TikTok fans

Clara recounted remarks that she had received regarding her uniform from others, but she had chosen to disregard them. Someone said that she really need to wear a bra underneath her cheerleader costume. She responded by turning around and glaring at the camera. She raised her red andtop as she shook her head. No, sir, was her response

The majority of her uniform top was still lifted as she posed. The cheerleader stood tall and proud, her chest showing. Her fans expressed their amazement and disbelief in the comments section. One fan stated that he almost had a heart attack

Others made jokes about going on a date with her. Another asked if she wants to go with him to Dave and Busters? The cheerleader received requests from others. Another requested her do that again with high-knee socks on

**Are you aware of this fact regarding cheerleading
In the activity of cheerleading, participantsknown as cheerleaderscheer for their team to boost morale. It might involve vigorous physical exertion or slogan chanting. It can be done for competitiveness, to entertain the audience, or to inspire sports teams. Dance, jumps, cheers, and stunts are all parts of traditional cheerleading routines, which the last one to three minutes

Basketball and American football have a lot in common with modern cheerleading. Occasionally, sports like association football, ice hockey, volleyball, baseball, and wrestling will finance cheerleading squads. At the 2007 ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup in South Africa, cheerleaders made their debut at international cricket tournaments

Cheerleading is the sport with which female athletes are most likely to suffer catastrophic injuries, with stunting being the main cause of these accidents

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