*Cheerleader Massacre*
|Cheerleader Massacre|

DVD release cover
|Directed by||Jim Wynorski|
|Written by||Lenny Juliano|
|Produced by||Jason Hoffs|
|Starring||Tamie Sheffield|
Charity Rahmer
Erin Byron
|Cinematography||Chuck Cirino|
|Edited by||Dean McKendrick|
|Music by||Dan Savio|
Release date
Running time
|85 minutes|
|Country||United States|
|Budget60,000 (estimated is a 2003 American B-movie slasher film directed by Jim Wynorski and written by Lenny Juliano. The film stars Tamie Sheffield, Charity Rahmer, and Erin Byron. The seventh released film in the Cheerleader Massacre* *Massacre*franchise, the film is a direct sequel to *The Slumber Party Massacre*(1982), with Brinke Stevens reprising her role as Linda Dawn Grant and including a flashback sequence to that film but with a story of its own. As in that film and its sequels, much of the film's appeal relies on female nudity,and gore

The film was produced by Roger Corman and lensed by Jim Wynorski,
[1] shot as " *Slumber Party Massacre 4*" before being renamed by Corman. [2]
The DVD was released on March 25, 2003. The special features include trailers, actor bios, audio commentaries, and a making of featurette

## Plot[edit]
Several high school cheerleaders become stranded at a cabin in the snowy wilderness after their van breaks down. During the night, as the girls play games and havewith their boyfriends, someone begins murdering them one by one

## Cast[edit]
- Tamie Sheffield as Ms. Hendricks
- Charity Rahmer as Parker Jameson
- Erin Byron as Angela Caruso
- Lenny Juliano (credited as Lunk Johnson) as Buzzy
- Bill Langlois Monroe (credited as E. Eddie Edwards) as Sheriff Murdock
- Samantha Phillips as Officer Phillips. Phillips reprises her role from the unreleased
Sorority House Massacre: The Final Exam

- GiGi Erneta as Deputy Adams
- April Flowers (credited as Diana Espin) as Tammy Rae
- Nikki Fritz as Debbie
- Tylo Tyler as Ryan
- Brad Beck as Mark
- Summer Williams as Shelley
- Brinke Stevens as Linda
- Melissa Brasselle as Detective DeMarco
- Julie Lisandro (credited as Julie Corgill) as Dina
## Sequel[edit]
The film was followed by a very loose sequel named
*Cheerleader Massacre 2* in 2011. [3]
## References[edit]

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