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More New Cheers Submitted by: Jax We're fired up,We're sizzling,We're turning up the heat.The Leicester Spencer Raiders (Your Team Name) (clap,clap,clap)Can't be beat! Submitted by: Myllie J We've got that pride,We've got that spirit.So, whoo, let's hear it,So, whoo, let's hear it.So, wave your hands,Scream youron, fans,Shout, shout, shout Wildcats! Submitted by: Nia Rhoads (clap, clap), Cowboys (clap, clap)Green, black and.You think you can beat us? (clap, clap)Yeah, right! (team spirit). Submitted by: Arie Fans (point to them)Go crazy (toss your head around)Get up, get up, be loud (clap clap)Get up, get up, be loud! (clap, clap)(repeat as many times as you want) Submitted by: Cheergirl Boom, dynamo, ba ba baBoom, dynamo, hold up, wait a minuteLet's put some spirit in it! Submitted by: Jan 1-2-3-4We've accepted the challenge,of becoming the best.We're number one, we're mighty proudWe're on a victory quest.We've got pride and spirit.Tech is the name.We're on the move and out to prove,We're gonna win this game! Submitted by: Sarah Pump, pump, pump it up - (yells the captain)Pump, pump, pump it - (yells everyone else)Pump that Bobcat spirit up (captain)Pump that Bobcat spirit up(everyone)Get, get, get it up (captain)Get, get, get it up (everyone)Get that Bobcat spirit up (captain)Get that bobcat spirit up (everyone)Now, now , now it's up (captain)Now, now, now it's up (everyone)Now, that Bobcat spirit's up (captain)Now, that Bobcat spirit's up (everyone)So keep, keep, keep it up (captain)So keep, keep, keep it up (everyone)Keep that Bobcat spirit up (captain)Keep that Bobcat spirit up(everyone) Submitted by: Brianna We've got the rhythm,Our fans got the beat,So, come on *your team's name*Let's Defeat! Submitted by: Holly 1, we are the Tigers2, sing a little bit louder3, we still can't hear ya,More, more, more, more! Submitted by: Alisha 1, 2, 3, 4, Who's the one that makes the score5, 6, 7, 8, Blue, Blue1, 2, 3, 4, Blues the team that makes the score5, 6, 7, 8, C'mon Blue, you're doing great!Gooo Blue! Submitted by: Erica Let's get physical,Get down, get tough, get mean!Let's get physical,and roll right over that team! Submitted by: Zuri I'm a Cougar from Cougar townand only a Cougar can knock me downIf you don't like my apples,don't shake my tree'cause I'm a CougarDon't mess with me! Submitted by: Baby boy Yell for the (name of your team)We can't be beatSo watch out (your opponent)We'll knock you off your feet! Submitted by: Victoria Sit in the carPress on the gasMove asideLet the Panthers (your team) pass! repeat x3 Submitted by: Charlotte Touch down boys, one more time!Over the lineOver the lineTouch down boys, one more time! Repeat 3 Times Submitted by: Ashley Shake, shake, shakeWhat you gotEveryone yell -Maroon, gray, and whiteRepeat 1xCome on (your team) let's get ready to fight! Submitted by: Korbyn You might be good at basketballYou might be good at track,but when it comes to footballYou might as well step backyou might as well step back!Repeat Submitted by: Jordan We're number 1, not 2, not 3 not 4We're gonna win, not lose, not tie the scoreWe're on the top, not bottom, not in betweenWe're the Jaguar girls and we're really mean! Get Ready! Hey, hey are ya ready? Are ya ready?To strut your stuff (PAUSE)Hey, hey are ya ready? Are ya Ready?To get fired up Theare dynamite, Don't mess with dynamite!Cause if you mess with dynamite it goesTick, tick, tick, tick,Boom dynamite!Boom, boom dynamite! Submitted by: AFCHEER16 We Got It! Awesome, oh wow!Like totallyme out, I mean right on!(pause,pause)The sure are number one! Peanut butter,Reese's cup!You mess with us!We'll kick your!Our hands are high!Our feet are low!and that's the way the seniors go!(pause, pause)We got it!(pause,pause)We got it! Submitted by: Nichole We Got Spirit! We've got spirit, yes we do!We've got spirit, how 'bout you?1-2-3-4 we've got more than you can score5-6-7-8 we've got more than you can take9-10-11-12 we've got more than you can spell Hey, hi, howdy, Warriors get rowdy!!Hey, hi,Warriors let's go!! Submitted by: MEGANRUNYAN Half/Quarter-time Cheer Panther fans up in the stands yell goooooo Panthers (repeat)!Panther fans up in the stand yell beat those Tigers (repeatclap and chant) One more time show your spirit fans, let's hear it,Goooo Panthers beat those Tigers! Hold that line, Panthers, hold that line! Take it away XX take it away XX take that ball away XX! Rebound that basketball XXXXX XX Panthers have got it all XXXXX XX! T-A-K-E take that ball away XX Panthers are #1, straight to the top.We are the best. Panthers fight non-stop.Let's go, let's fight, we're here to win all right.You are looking at the best, yes! CFHS Go fight win Panthers, go fight to win! Go, go panthers go XXX!!Fight fight fight Panthers fight XXX!Win, win panthers win XXX!Go fight win CFH (repeat)! Hey, hey. it's time to fight.Everybody yell: burgundy and!Yell it burgundy and!Hey hey let's do it again,Everybody yell go fight to win!Yell it, go fight to win! Let's get physical, get rough, get tough, get mean,Let's get physical and roll right over that team! (repeat) Panthers let's do it, don't let it fall,We've got that spirit ya! We want it all! Hey go Panthers, Hey beat Tigers We are the Panthers 'n we live in a hut.'N if u don't believe us, then watch us shake oursha bang bang, uh sha wana wana,Uh sha bang bang, uh sha wana wana! H-O-T-T-O-G-O Panther team is hot to go,Say whop hot to go, say whop hot to go! G-O let's go Panthers G-O lets go Submitted by: CHEERCF Cheerleading Chants Aww shucks hey now, Panthersdown,We got pride, jump back,Show us where it's at,Cause when it comes to winning, it's second to none,Cause we know that you know that we are number 1! S-C XX O-R-E XX score score 6 (or 2) more! H-O XX L-D hold 'em hold 'em. big D (def'ense)! Hey you Panther fans,Stand up and clap your handsSay go Panther go, go Panther go!Hey u Panther fans, now let's see you wave your hands,Say go Panthers go, go Panthers go!Go Panthers go, go panthers go! Go, G-O Panther (pause) lets (pause) go! S-U-C-C-E-S-S (stomp clap) (repeat)That's the way we spell success! Even More Favorite Cheers Submitted by: LIZBETH401 F-L-A-M-E-SGo, go, flames, go!W - I - N,Go, Fight, win!W - I - N,Go, Fight, win! Submitted by: SAMMYGRL69 Don't mess, don't mess,Don't mess with the bestCuz the best don't messDon'tdon'twith the coolCuz the cool don'tMascot) we rule! Submitted by: CHEERCHICK24 Ready. SetHey let's hear it cheer for the winGotta get itGotta get the win (clap, clap) Gotta get the win (clap, clap)Let's go big blue and whiteGo bigand blueDribble, pass,for twoLancers lets fire up to win(when you're saying the last line you do a mount) Lancers (clap. clap)Move it (clap, clap)Lets score (clap, clap)Two more (clap, clap)(3x) Let's get fired up(Clap,clap)(Stomp, stomp) Submitted by: GEM2002 From the East,To the West,The Hornets are the best.We're gonna B-E-A-T beat 'em,B-U-S-T bust 'em,Beat 'em, Bust 'emThat's our custom,We are gonna readjust 'em. Be aggressiveB-E aggressiveB-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E T-A-K-E D-O-W-NHornets want a takedown,Hornets wanna win Submitted by: CHEERGIRL05 Hurricanes are hereLet's make it clearStep aside for the bestCause this is our year (chant)Let's go Canes Lets score(clap)(clap)(clap)Let's go Canes Lets score(spirit) Submitted by: CHEER4LIFE69 Redskins our nameand footballs our gameWe're one of a kindWith the win on our minddouble step(repeat 2 x) Submitted by: CHEERGAL21 Your team's name is in the house and if ya don't get readywe`re gonna kick you out(repeat once) 1,2,3,4We`re declaring civil war5,6,7,8Watch as we demonstrate Submitted by: SPRTLEADER1 Hey, heyYell