George Clonney actors and actresses and Curiosities of Cinema
George Clooney
He was born on May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, although his family moved to Cincinatti at a very young age, where his father worked as a television presenter

It was there that George Clooney began to make his artistic first steps, with small roles on television where Dad Clooney worked

At the age of 21 he went to Hollywood, to try his luck as an actor. His first jobs were small appearances in television series, some of them not even known. He soon began to be known, and the roles he was offered increased in quality, even making appearances in series such as 'Look who's talking', 'A Murder Has Been Written' or 'The Golden Girls'

He continued like this until in 1994 he was offered his first really important role: he had to play Dr. Douglas Ross, in the series '
', a role with which fame really came to him

From the series 'Emergency' began to rain offers to work on the big screen. The first of these was that of director Robert Rodríguez, who offered him the leading role in '
open until dawn
', where he worked with Quentin Tarantino. Of course, he did not think twice and accepted the role

Subsequently, he worked with Michelle Pfeiffer on '
An unforgettable day
' and then took a role in '
batman and robin

In 1997 he worked on the film '
The peacemaker
' and a year later he played a thief in '
A very dangerous romance
', next to
Jennifer Lopez
. He also acted in '
The thin red line
' and in '
Three Kings

In 2000 he starred in '
The perfect Storm
, where he played the role of the captain of a fishing boat who is caught in a duel with a great storm

His latest works to date have been '
O, Brother
' and '
oceans eleven
', a remake of the movie 'The gang of eleven', by Frank Sinatra, in which he plays a thief who plans the simultaneous robbery of three casinos in Las Vegas.