= Working UE, GH, and DD full time, along with small business =

Hello everyone! So I would love to hear anyones opinions on working rideshare apps for their full time job! I also have a small business that has been picking up a bit and do events locally and make a decent amount of money from that as well. I am a college student (Pursing Human Development) and I currently work at a daycare (Hours 8:30-5:30) who refuse to work around college courses that are in the middle of the day (understandable, but not stopping/halting my degree for this god forsaken job). I’ve been highly considering this option for the upcoming Spring β€˜23 semester. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much!

I don't think they are good for full time anymore. Back when these things first started, there was major bonuses and you could make a lot. Now the apps are over saturated in most areas, meaning there's too many workers, not enoughthat are worth it that is). I do ubereats and doordash mainly on weekends and the evenings because that is the only time frame that is worth it. Gas wise and time wise you can end up wasting a lot due to theoutlook from Monday to Thursday. Bottom line is it's not good enough for full time. You will waste a lot of gas and time trying to make it worth it if you're doing it everyday all hours. Evenings, weekends, and occasionally lunch times are your best bet. Which makes this solely a side hustle

At least in my area, all of these apps are very active, and have been giving constant promotions, boosts, quests, but even without those, it’s VERY busy at all times, mainly lunch and dinner times (breakfast is decent), are when I receive the most amount of money, and I never make less than $20/hr

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