= Can you get caught working rideshare or food delivery? =

Really need some breathing room and the stipend isn't cutting it. Is there any way that the school would find out about gig work? Or are there any other side hustles that you may know that fly well under the radar?
I agree with this. There is usually a student handbook on this. My school says you must work 40 hours or a full work week on research. But nothing says you can’t have a second job. Given that the stipend barely covers the cost of living I think it would be(although not surprising) if they prevented people from having a second job

Tutoring online but advertising and taking clients from your hometown (assuming that's not where your grad school is) is the way I would go

Generally, the ways to get caught are advertising online or actually running into either department faculty/staff or classmates who mightyou out. Food delivery in a part of town where you feel comfortable that you won't run into people could probably be reasonable

My friends (admittedly not grad students, but living in a college town) are able to cover all of their day-to-day expenses like rent, food, gas, and car insurance doing food delivery three nights a week during peak hours, but I think they're more efficient and flexible than most people

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