= I am an Uber Eats driver, but I want to add rideshare to my account to see if it better money. Turns out I have to do a background check again and can't work uber eats in the mean time. Why is this? I thought the checkr background check would be faster this time because I already did it. =

Yeah I noticed I went back down to Blue status lol. I haven't really noticed any real difference between when I was diamond and when I was gold in terms of benefits. I could be wrong, but I feel like it is more of a psychological thing. Today is the fourth day since I signed up for rideshare, so I'm still waiting hopefully it will be done soon

I am justof constantly getting out of my car and running in to get the food and then going to apartments and hunting down the apartment room while trying to hurry back to my car before I get a ticket ( I'm from Boston there are a lot of busy streets)

But what worries me about rideshare is getting complains and getting chewed out by a passenger if I make the wrong turn it take the wrong exit

Because now you have to get the inspection, update your registration and probably reup load your insurance

Now for my account I started with Uber first and switched to Ubereats. So as of right now my rideshare is out of compliance but I’m still able to deliver food. So you might still be in luck to readily get back to work when it clears

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