= Being wise about workplace travel if costs half to almost all of my wages (gig work or low wage jobs)? Work Sectors to target (work/intern) *RIGHT NOW* as a Business Student in a HCOL state (CA)? States to move to? Cr vs Rideshare vs Transit for costs, and percentages to keep in mind? =

Greetings to the peeps here
For me , I make less than 200 SD on a single "gig"
moreover because I do not drive, I dont
A truly infuriating example, of this was a few months ago, when i spent nearly 100 usd to travel to an interview site on request of a very indecisive recruiter who claimed to be "REALLY INTERESTED" in my resume, even after I had requested to not come due to travel costs

What can i do to start mitigating my costs, as well as making more money

For me, the whole point of living with entry-level jobs in a HCOL is so that my transit costs are minimized. Here's my budget living in San Francisco:
Take home pay on $41,600 annual income is $34,164 after federal income taxes, FICA, and state taxes. After paying $1,400 in rent, $40 internet, $25 phone (Mint annual), $81 muni pass, $10 PG&E eeach month, that leaves me $323/wk to spend on groceries, leisure, and savings

The weather is very mild here, so the landlord can afford to include heat in the rent. I walk and bus (or skateboard) everywhere I need to go. My energy bill is really just for running the fridge, stove/oven, TV, and charging laptop and small electronics. I can absorb a 100% increase in energy prices if needed. I have rent control, and I don't worry about losing my job because there's always another one down the street. I have my own studio above ground level with a walk-in kitchen

Fist off thank you very much for your insight ful reply
I used to live in bay area (it's a small world) , so perhaps you have a bette grasp on cost issues to my quetion than other posters here
That kind of money is something I'd like to make in a year

For me, utilites bled a lot of my income

I am still a studnet in uni, and as result must deal oth the costs that those impose on me
Since you’re a student you should really be putting your education first. That being said, working is important especially when you need money. Don’t travel too far for a job, take what you can get that is nearby. Limit travel especially with gas prices nowadays. Focus your energy on doing great in school so you can get a job somewhere else and get out of high cost areas. Once you’ve moved to a low cost area (I love the midwest, so I’m biased) and save up until you can afford to move back and also have enough experience to land a good job in CA

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