= HELP REQUESTED: Drivers who ENJOY and/or PREFER rideshare / gig work -> What do you enjoy about it (excluding earnings)? =

**DISCLAIMER** This post is not really for the typical person doing this just to pay bills, have extra spending money, or literal survival/desperation. So my apologies if this post is triggering for anyone. However, I refuse to believe that 100% of us are doing this because we don’t have any viable alternatives. Some of us PREFER this work. And those are the folks Im trying to converse with

What Im curious about is whether there are unique/atypical ways you’re using gig work to your personal advantage. Perhaps you are a vagabond or nomad who uses gig work to fund your travels. Maybe the flexibility allows you to support yourself but also live a fulfilled life doing something else that brings you great joy - like a hobby or passion project

How do you look at doing rideshare that makes it not only worthwhile, financially, but downright fun aka NOT “work”?
Is there a particular viewpoint/attitude/approach to this work, in general, that has made it a great alternative to being a W-2 employee?
For example: Ive talked to retirees and other folks with an abundance of free time that love Uber for the social benefits. Some drive tothe boredom of monotony. Some simply love driving

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares their experience or outlook!
What's not to love?
My hometown is a party school in a vast sea of rural hills. I spend my nights driving drunk college kids around. Most of them are interesting, attractive, scantily clad, or a combination of the three. Nearly all of them are having a good time. I get to experience the party, without spending the money or suffering the hangover. I drive 90% city speeds, so I'm windows down, enjoying the fresh air. When I get a ride out in the country, I get beautiful views,the freshly mown hay, the wildflowers, the trees

And when I don't feel like working, I simply don't. My wife holds down the real job so I don't have to worry about insurance or the inconsistencies of income inherent to gig work. I get to be home when my teenage daughter needs food, needs help with her homework, needs to go to the mall because she simply has nothing to wear, or needs to emergency go three states away to see a concert

I don't have a boss. I don't have to kiss anybody's. I don't have to work harder to cover someone's. I don't have annoying co-workers to deal with. And I don't have to be on time. Ever. There's no such thing as "late to work" anymore

And honestly? I know it's not a common thing, but I legitimately enjoy customer service. I like giving people good service. I like being good at my job. I like having regular customers who know me by name

I never want a W-2 job again in my life

There are plenty of other things I could do for a living. Some of them pay better, some of them are more reliable. But none of them grant me the freedom I get driving Lyft. I choose this. My only complaints (besides the pay and Lyft's annoying habit of screwing you out of cancel fees) are related to how Lyft treats us TOO MUCH like employees. I simply cannot understand CA people who wanted to be classed as employees. I want to be MORE like an IC, not LESS

I’ve driven in 3 different marketswell, really 4 markets. I just like the simplicity. I like engaging people on thought provoking conversation. I like to engage people on a human level and not “I’m Lyft driver #6285 and you’re passenger ‘X I enjoy networking in an organic way. Just engaging with regular people that don’t have a stick up theiris why I enjoy it most of the time

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