= Picking a city in Ohio =

I'm considering relocating to Ohio and am mostly interested in one of the larger cities. I worked at Cedar Point for 4 seasons back in the mid to late 2000's and I have a good friend who lives in southeastern Ohio who expressed interest in splitting an apartment with me

These are the things I'm looking for specifically:
Decent dating scene for a straight male
Decent rideshare scene as I drive for Uber
Relatively affordable housing
An area that's not too run down
Ok nightlife (not a huge bar person but I'd like to know that there are a couple of watering holes that are comfortable to go to)
Not too high crime
Friendly and laid back vibe
A reasonable amount of things to do in the area
I've been considering Cleveland and Toledo as I like the idea of being close to Lake Erie, but I've heard better things about the quality of life and economy in Columbus. I'm not too familiar with Cincinnati and I'm open to other areas as well

Any feedback is appreciated!
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Columbus ticks everything you’ve said, with the exception of affordable housing possibly

Some of the nicer/less sketchy areas can be a bit pricey depending on what your looking for nearby. This depends on what you consider affordable though. It might be fine with your budget or might not

Cincinnati’s a good option. It’s a sprawling metro area (the largest in Ohio) but fairly quick to get around in

Your nightlife options are solid - OTR, the Banks, Clifton, and Newport have great scenes

Your dating options are expansive - a combination of being a fairly large city and being a college town with solid post grad prospects

As with any city it’s size, Cincinnati is great for rideshare drivers like Uber - especially because parking around where our nightlife is strongest is sparse

Housing is affordable here as well. I live in a place a little more than a mile from downtown - it’s cheap rent, the landlord keeps on top of things, and crime isn’t an issue

We’re also a central city - 2 hours from Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, etc. It’s a great place to be if you need to travel regionally for work or like taking small weekend trips

The local culture is also great - lots of fun and interesting things to do

We’re not as popular as Columbus, and we don’t have the lake like Cleveland or Toledo. But there’s lots to do here, the people are friendly, and the possibilities are endless

People badToledo but it has everything you mentioned and the cost of living is perfect for a young person looking to establish themselves. A lot of people love Columbus because it’s more flashy than cities like Cleveland and Toledo, but I wouldn’t sell either of those cities short. I know that Toledo especially has been moving in the right direction when it comes to fixing up their downtown area

Old North Columbus. It has everything you listed, huge rideshare community, affordable, walking distance to all kinds of stuff, music scene, grocery stores, art, somewhat of an OSU tie but nobody here really loves the university other than a minor component of our student population. We get the students that don’t want to live next to the rest of the students and still want to walk to class. Some decent food options

Columbus probably has the most of what you’re looking for, but I’d say Cleveland is pretty close as well. Cleveland’s Uber scene is solid especially when sporting events and the like are a thing again. Plenty of bars/nightlife downtown and the neighborhoods around there and also in some of the inner ring suburbs like Lakewood and Cleveland Heights. I’d say housing is relatively affordable overall

Cleveland or Columbus for sure. Both are fairly large and diverse metro areas with economic diversity, and an array of nightlife options, as well as thriving singles scenes. Both have their rough spots, as any city does, but both are on the upswing as well. You’ll have no shortage of work in either one as an Uber driver

I'm partial to Cincinnati, but Columbus and Cleveland are also great cities. As far as what you're looking for out of those 3:
Dating- Columbus is best, then Cincy, then Cleveland
Rideshare driving - at least as far as lyft goes, Columbus wins hands down

Cost of Living - Cleveland comes out on top, Cincinnati is slightly cheaper than Columbus
Crime - using the bestplaces site again, Columbus comes out on top, then cincinnati, then cleveland
Based on that, I'd say Columbus has an edge

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