r/GigWork - Looking for recommendations for gig work that allows flexible travel. I want to spend 2-3 months driving across the country and make money to support it. Currently driving and willing to consider any rideshare and delivery gifs and just wondering what else is out there

r/GrandPrixTravel - When they charge 2k for a ticket, but can only afford to build 2-apart staircases to exit. From the back of the crowd to the stairs took 50 minutes. Next closest 2000ft away, equally mobbed. No taxis at the taxi stand (2hour wait), and can walk 1.3mi to the rideshare lot to fight for a Lyft.

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r/uberdrivers - Should Uber (just the rideshare not Eats) have the rider add a tip when ordering a ride like Door Dash and other gig work? I'm sure it would improve their pickup times for riders and cut down on cancelled rides. Your thoughts?

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