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= Ridesharing =
= Ridesharing =
Ridesharing is a great option if you live more than 20 miles from work. It can reduce travel costs such as fuel, parking, maintenance, and repair bills, as well as reduce stress and pollution. What if you need an emergency ride home from work? Many rideshare programs offer a Guaranteed Ride Home for eligible commuters

Local Rideshare Offices help commuters find vacancies in existing carpools/vanpools or match people who are interested in forming a new carpool/vanpool

**MichiVan Commuter Vanpools**
MichiVan, sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation and operated by Enterprise Rideshare, supplies fully insured passenger vans to commuter groups

Under this program:
- Five to 15 commuters share a van along an established route

- Riders pay a monthly fee as low as $55 per month (based on daily round trip/monthly commute mileage and the size of van)

- The MichiVan operator (Enterprise Rideshare) provides the vehicle and pays for the maintenance/repairs, insurance, titling, and licensing

- A vanpool group usually meets at a centralized location, such as a store or carpool lot

- A free ride home for unexpected emergencies (program rules and guidelines apply)

The vanpool program is open to individuals of the public. The MichiVan operator also helps employers develop vanpools and ridesharing programs

**Form or Join a Vanpool**
MichiVan-Enterprise Rideshare
800-VAN-4-WORK (800-826-4967)
**Resources** **Local Rideshare Office (LRO
**Guaranteed Ride Home**
The Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH) is a free program that offers reimbursement for taxi fare or car rental should an emergency or unexpected overtime cause you to miss your carpool or vanpool ride

**may be** used for personal or family emergencies, personal or family illness, unscheduled overtime (with supervisor's verification), or unexpected early departure of rideshare partner

**may not** be used for personal/pre-scheduled appointments (such as doctor visits), weather emergencies or unexpected acts of nature, pre-arranged overtime, business-related travel, or any rides to work

To be eligible, you must register with your Local Rideshare Office

- Save money, and reduce wear on your personal vehicle

- Lower your stress by beginning or ending your day reading or relaxing, rather than driving through traffic

- Benefit from flexibility by carpooling every day or just a few times a week

- Carpooling is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way to travel

- Live a longer, healthier life by enjoying cleaner air

- Establish driving and/or payment schedules

- Establish pick-up points and times. Be prompt

- Establish rules and policies, such as radio use, food/beverages, or how long you will wait for latecomers

- Establish a line of communication and have a back-up plan for emergency situations

- Keep the car clean, well maintained, and filled with enough gas for each trip

- If carpooling is not for you, give your group sufficient notice so they can make alternate arrangements.