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= Each of these boxes has 200 Face Shields in, all surplus PPE bought during the pandemic, but they’ve been left to rot for weeks. There are over 70 sites like this across the country - it’s costing UK taxpayers £4m per week to store it all. =

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I’m not sure I’d describe that as “storing”. Looks more like industrial scale fly tipping

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true, if the UK really pays £4m per week for that storage they are ripped off again
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I meanthe politicians gotta make their homies rich somehowreal news ain't gonna cover it
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Well it's certainly a good thing we all bought so many and used them all over the past 2.5 years and stopped COVID!
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You always hear politicians saying they're going to be tough on crime or drugs or anti-social behaviour. When was the last time they said they were going to crack down on systematic corruption and nepotism?
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I use to distribute these and a lot of other PPE stock, and the amount we had to throw out when we closed down was horrendous
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