= The Catholic Church Is Bankrolling a Nationwide Assault on Women’s Rights | A majority of Catholics support a woman's right to choose, but diocese are funding campaigns for state-level abortion bans across the country =

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"Attendance is down at mass, what should we do?"
"How aboutoff all the young people
Myis a 60-year-old Catholic who is morally against abortion and still believes the government shouldn't tell women what to do with their bodies. It's not just young people
Literally seeing that in the flesh. I look around at church…. All old farts. Kinda like our government. Including the wacko fringes
Quit tolerating world religions hurting people and working towards anti-humanitarian causes

How are they distinct from other businesses?
Funny clothes aside, I can't think of any meaningful difference. It's like a tax-exempt gym..

Except for any portions that are directly performing social services, which need to be provided in a non discrimitoy non-denominational way. So you can have a tax free soup kitchen or shelter, but you can't make them sing hymns or turn awaypeople. You can keep those tax free. That's it

The right: you don’t want the government to make decisions about your healthcare!
Also the right: my religion made some decisions for you about your healthcare and we’re using the government to make you follow them
It was never about religious freedom. It's the same thing it's always been about: control

Seems like it’s the only thing the Catholic church cares about is abortion; affordable/Assessable heath care, affordable housing, fair taxes, rooting out corruption, etc the church could cares less about

It's about control. Always has been. The only reason they help people is because it is a way of recruiting new members

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