= Congratulations, Pierre Poilievre, on being elected Leader of the Conservative Party tonight. As Parliamentarians, we must work together to deliver results for people across the country. Canadians expect – and deserve – nothing less. =

This is boilerplate response that is an established norm in our political arena. Keep that in mind when someone comes along and wants to tear down all the norms and the veneer of decorum it gives

It might be an empty statement, but its still better that we expect this level of civility than what we've seen in our neighbors to the south

Norms and decorum are a poor substitute for rules and accountability. And when dealing withthey're dead weight. You can't call aabecause it goes against norms and decorum

Rules and decorum are not how you fightit's by action alleviating the issues the people face. If Trudeau actually delivers on the deal with the ndp, PP will dissolve
Pure class move of the part of Trudeau, Poilievre would have never done something like this

Poilievre would have never done something like this

Of course not. Trump's playbook wouldn't allow it

DearI hope we don't copy the US just 7 years behind

I’m sure he’ll be rewarded for decorum by the voting public (sarcasm)
I actually wish he’d said something nasty aboutMilhouse

It's just a standard message, but could be a start at the narrative they could use on Pierre's CPC

We as Canadians expect and deserve nothing less than what he says in the tweet, but Conservatives are not much for working together with other parties these days and not very good at delivering results for anyone but the wealthy

Pierre will be a loud unflinchingday in day out. So the Liberals cannot rest and need to counter hisday in day out. It will be a full time job with plenty of overtime but show he is full ofeveryday and it will pay off for the Liberals. No need to getand nasty, just point out hisis infact

Yeah, but let’s not expect the Liberals to do all the attacking, everything the Liberals or Trudeau say will be construed as partisan, everone who isn’t supporting PP needs to do what we can to not only keep PP from becoming PM, but to quash this far-right movement that’s happening while the bulk of the media is snipping about Trudeau being divisive while he destroys the economy (ever since he was elected he’s been destroying the economy, according to G&M aand Postmedia)

Trudeau is going tohim alive

before PP was just a MP he could throw out some talking point and sit down, but now he has to defend CPC everyday in the House and Trudeau is going to bleed him

My big fear is non voters come out in full force behind PP and push him to a majority

There seems to be a lot of excitement around him. We shall see

Trump had 0 political experience and look at all the damage done by him and his nutter constituency

He had to say something, yes

however, this has a bit of shade to it
it's subtle, but it's there. I'll be interested to see how it goes..

Who cares, we got lots of areas that need tlc and these dudes at the top just gotta plow thru with thick skin. I don't care if people don't like Truedous hair or Pierres voice, just build more houses and approve more doctors. Every office is the same big or small. There's a few Karen's, a chatty Cathy and straight up some grossChads, it's all the same soup. Just get the work done and go home to your family at night. We'll watch Netflix at the end of the day and dread exercise. Let's get on with it

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