= Can anyone advise me on the best dedicated/cloud hosting solution for 200+ WordPress websites? =

The company that currently hosts these websites is WPEngine and while the service is great it is a bit pricey for what I'm doing and they have very limited functionality; such as no SSH access, limited WP-CLI access and a few other things which prevents me from doing some automated tasks that I would like to do

My question is, would it be much more time consuming if I were to setup a managed cloud hosting solution to host these websites on a server a have full access to and what's the best way for me to prevent downtime? Also, what is the best environment for optimizing multiple WordPress websites so that everything loads quickly?

Is that the total bandwidth/traffic and storage used or just one site?
If it's total and you want to manage your own infrastructure then a $10-20/mo VPS at the minimum to host those sites. You can get more complicated with load balancers and such if you want too

I like Easy Engine to bootstrap the VPS personally:
If you don't want to manage your own infrastructure then I would look at a reseller plan from a good shared host

I would suggest implementing Cloudflare or a similar service to cover for the downtime events that may occur

You could save over $500 a month easily and get more control of your sites. If that is the size for all 200 sites together then I'd hop on Vultr or Digital Ocean and setup nginx+php7+mariadb with separate php-fpm pools per site

It would be time consuming if you haven't tried before but if you paid a sysadmin (like me) to set it up for you you'd still save tons of money

Do you mean prevent downtime during migration or in general?
For loading things quickly, you just need to be sure that your doing enough caching, loading from CDNs, and that your bandwidth is scalable

If you're looking for a more managed option, we do some dedicated/VPS servers and management for customers we'd be happy to get you set up. On dedicated we give SSH access and sometimes, depending on the situation and how long they've been our customer, we've given sudo/root access
me a PM if you're interested, we should be able to come in below that $600 price point

Hey Sirskitzo. I work at WP Engine (VP). Happy to connect you with someone up the chain here to see if we can help you solve some of your automation workflow issues. We'll be expanding our capabilities here, but there are some work arounds to common use cases that might apply. DM me if you want to chat further

I'm impressed how poorly optimized WPEngine is for your site..

Shared memory model mmap
Cache hits 529469
Cache misses 6959879
Used memory 67102168
Free memory 6696
You're only caching 10% of requests with a 64 MB cache size, which is a paltry amount considering how cheap RAM is. I hope this configuration isn't consistent across WPEngine servers

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I've been building a startup to address this need in the cloud hosting space that I'm calling Pagefog. I'm very close to release soon. Would you be interested in talking to me about your needs and seeing if it could be a good fit?
My goal is to make an easier service for managed WP hosting on your own cloud servers whether you use AWS, Digital Ocean, or a VM in your datacenter. Everything that is built out is setup for performance and tuned for WordPress. There are some unique feature like auto-setup of SSL certs with LetsEncrypt as well

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