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Hi to all
I am interested in starting up with the company with cloud hosting. Usually people do is get reseller hosting and sell it further to their existing and new customers online, while forgetting the quality like uptime, scalability and security

I would like to create a rack at my premises with servers and give the best services to my customers

Presently I own Synology RS3617xs+ server with 128GB RAM, 5TB SSD and 150TB HDD. (Would like to invest on more in future)
I am looking for the guide on how to set up the infrastructure and whom I have to hire. I have very much interest in starting up my own cloud services

Please guide

Why would I choose to have my systems hosted with you?
You're never going to be able to compete on reliability, certifications and uptime compared to the big providers who have purpose-built, redundant datacentres

You're not going to be able to be cheaper than some of the commodity hosting providers out there (who start at a few dollars a month) and still make any money

You're not going to be able to compete on terms of scalability against AWS/Azure/GCP

You have one server, so I'm guessing you're not offering much in terms of backups and redundancy

From what you've written, it doesn't sound like you have much experience in this area, so you're not really going to be able to provide more expertise than existing platforms, which also raises concerns about security

If you're just going to be reselling another provider then why wouldn't I just buy direct from them?
You need to be able to offer some kind of niche or service that the existing players in the market don't have - what is that?
I don't mean this to be overly harsh - but these are the kind of questions that your potential customers will be asking, so you need to have a good answer to them

Even if I don't have experience in this filed that doesn't mean I can't learn about it, give service to customers or invest in my cloud hosting company with redundancy. As I have mentioned above that I can invest in more servers!
I asked the question over here to learn about the infrastructure required to set up the cloud hosting services

The competition will always be there in the market, YOU ARE RIGHT. But, service and reliability are important. We all know Wpengine is the most expensive WordPress managed hosting in the market. But, it's about the quality they give. Companies are cutting their cost but they are cutting their services too

If the competition is there, it doesn't mean we shouldn't enter the market. If someone is really desperate, he/she should do it definitely

I was asking for what are the things (including hardware and team) required to set up the infrastructure

You can start your own cloud services with something like Azure or AWS and then avoid all of the overhead while starting up. This way you only pay for what you use (sell) and aren't going to be as much in the red from day 1. Use someone like Cloud Jumper or Nerdio to make your life easier then just go out and sell. Plus they have guides and support that can help you vs trying to do it all on your own

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