= [PC Server] Raiders of the Lost Ark PVP | 25x ALL with QoL mods | Long-term Dedicated Cloud Host | Clustered | Ultra low latency | =

NEW Clustered PVP servers (The Island, The Center, Ragnarok and Aberration) accelerated for greater enjoyment utilizing boosted rates and quality of life mods so that when your tribe suffers a complete loss, you're not spending all your time farming and rebuilding like the lower rate servers while keep it very well balanced and enjoyable. We are the one stop destination for Ark players tired of searching for the right unofficial servers. We work hard to make sure that everyone plays on an even keel and that rules are enforced when absolutely necessary. So come join the community as the maps are still very clean and most of the top spots are still for the taking!
Please visit our website for more information on settings, direct connect links, to pre-load mods and to familiarize yourself with the server rules. You are encouraged to also join our community @ httpsdiscord.gg/mnrTNBH

Features include:
New, Long-term and dedicated

High speed, cloud hosted (not run from someones house) and clustered servers with ultra low latency

Portable SA transmitter terminal to assist in farming, taming and cluster transfers

No regular wipes! Auto structure decay in place to prevent the need for server wipes. Keeping all your work in place for active tribes

Custom loot tables!
No turret limitation!
10 player tribe limit

25X gathering, taming, maturing, and XP

ORP2 (Offline Raid Protection)

Passive Dino Protection

Max player level 350 + ascension

Max wild dino level 240

Community-oriented with dedicated Discord. Tribes may request their own private text and voice channels from the admin

Server IP's
The Island PVP144.217.103.207:7480
The Center PVP144.217.103.207:7510
Ragnarok PVP144.217.103.207:7360
We look forward to seeing you!
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