= I am only able to find sour diesel in rso near me at the moment so I want to make a tincture. I have a question =

How do y’all make tincture ?
I wanna just warm up some Mct coconut oil and add the rso shake it up and then dose it
Is that how you make rso tincture ?

A tincture is made with alcohol. You'll need some 190 proof everclear to make it. Or any high proof grain alcohol

What you described is just diluting rso into an oil. Which is much more pleasant to take under the tongue

You are spreading misinformation, what I talked about is a tincture as well

its not only alcohol do some research :)
(MCT OIL is actually great to make tinctures with.)
Tincture is plant matter dissolved in ethanol technically but you can diffuse into other substances. Diluting RSO in MCT is useful for making edibles and making RSO taste less gross. There really is no other advantage

Making a tincture from RSO is going backwards. The alcohol (or oil or VG or whatever) is for getting the good stuff out and is then removed to further concentrate it, you don’t need it. It’s a means to an end

It makes absorption faster and better and easier to dose sublingually, add to food etc know it all
Why would making a tincture ruin it in your opinion( you are quite alone in this thought)
What’s your question exactly? You didn’t actually ask one… The oils have to reach 180 before they mix, so I usually suggest a small pot with a jar inside a hot oil bath. You could also just do it in a pot, but I’m guessing you’re not making enough volume for that method

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