= I finally found out why I never find any puzzles at the thrift stores near me. Also the dollar stores. =

Yesterday my husband stopped by a dollar general that I have never been to. I told him to take pics of the puzzles in case it is worth my time to go there. He took several pics and there were actually 2 full shelves of puzzles that looked interesting. Today I go in there and there are only 3 puzzles on the shelves. i asked the cashier and she said somebody comes by every so often and buys them all. So next i stopped by the Goodwill where they
*never* have more than one or two broken puzzles scattered about. i asked the lady if they ever get any in. She says oh yes, but someone comes by every so often and buys them all. So I am wondering if someone is buying them to re-sell or just buying them because they are puzzles, they are cheap, and we love them all! lol What do you think?
Wow! 😯 Maybe this will sound like a conspiracy theory but I think it’s most likely the same person buying the puzzles at both places! I believe it’s not realistic that someone will like all the puzzles they have in stock at a given time, so maybe they do re-sell them? But then again, how much re-sell value do Dollar store puzzles have? For the ones from Goodwill they’d have to do them to verify they’re complete or would have to sell them as-is, saying they don’t know if all the pieces are there? Or perhaps someone buys them to donate to senior homes or hospitals or other places?… It’s a mystery! 🧐Maybe one day you’ll run into the person while they’re buying the puzzles! If you do andto ask them, let us know!
Reseller, 100%. Nobody can do puzzles fast enough to buy that many, that often. On eBay and FB alone, it's a huge business. This is also why I only buy from Puzzle Warehouse online. Their Black Friday and clearance closeouts end up being cheaper and, I get free shipping for buy over a certain dollar amount. I don't have to fight the resellers

I wouldn't say it's definitely a reseller. I go several times a week and pick up everything that interests me. Sometimes there's nothing, other times I get 5-10 from one shop. I get through 1000 pieces in 2 days so I buy when I see things and add them to my to-do pile so I'm never out of stock. Whatever I don't enjoy enough to keep goes back to the charity so other people aren't missing out. I'd say 80% is donated back

With charity finds, you have to buy when you see as they sell quickly. They are so much cheaper than buying new that it does pay to buy the whole shelf if it interests you. My to-do pile is at 32 right now but I don't stop buying them just because I've got enough to keep me going for a few months

Plot Twist: Mr. ClimbingBackUp is building up a massive stockpile for you. Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Have you checked any cupboards, sheds or trunks? 😂 Teasing of course, unless it really is him and that would be hilarious

How very odd! Even as a reseller, that’s a lot of work for not a super high return. I’m going to take a positive approach and hope this person is buying them and passing along to those that will enjoy them (senior homes, hospitals, etc.)
LOL, He and I usually don't buy each other gifts. It always turns out like Gift of the magi. He tried to buy a puzzle for me for Christmas but it was so hard and
*so* not fun, neither of us wanted to complete it. i finally asked why he got it and he said it was on my amazon list. i had forgotten that I often add puzzles to that because they are so pretty. I have no intention of ever doing them. LOL
I am not sure how I feel about it. on one hand, I have bought puzzles from resellers because it was something I couldn't find and I really wanted it. on the other hand, for a while, during theof the quarantine, people would buy up all of the puzzles and sell them at twice the price. I just don't know who is buying these dollar store puzzles now, when they could just buy them at the dollar store that is down the street./
Maybe you live near that person who is arbitrarily trying to get into the Guinness book of world records? I remember their post from a few months ago. They literally were just clearing out everything cheap in the area because they wanted to set the record for biggest collection. They had no intention of working most of them and even were buying duplicates because all they wanted were numbers. That’d reallyif that’s what was happening in your area. 😔
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