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Item Dimensions LxWxH
19.7 x 10 x 2.4 inches
Planet Audio
Mounting Type
Car Mount
Planet Audio
Number of Channels
About this item
Power - 300 watts max x 4 @2-Ohms plus 5th channel 600 watts max x 1 @2-Ohms, 150 watts max x 4 @4-Ohms plus 5th channel 300 watts max x 1 @-4-Ohms, 600 watts max x 2 bridged @4 Ohms
Class A/B Topology - Class ‘A’ amplifiers have enormous amount of current flowing through its output transistors with no audio signal. Class ‘B’ amplifiers have no current flowing through its outputs with no audio signal
Full Range - With a Full Range amplifier you not only have the option to run your speakers, but also your subwoofers
Mosfet Power Supply - A MOSFET is an electrical switch that allows the flow of electrical current. It controls the output voltage and current precisely by removing the output current sensing loss & eliminating all secondary feedback circuitry
Low & High Level Inputs - A low level (RCA) input is measured in voltages. A high levelwire) input is measured in wattages. Both essentially carry signal from your receiver to your amplifier to your speakers
Variable Bass Boost - With Variable Bass Boost you have the control of exactly how much BASS you want to pump out to your subwoofer(s)
Bridgeable - Dramatically increase the power output to you speakers and subwoofers by connecting two amplifier channels
Specs - Dimensions - Depth 19.7” x Width 10” x Height 2.4”, Weight – 14 lbs

Enjoy clean sound with the Planet Audio AC1800.5 class A/B full range 5 channel amplifier. With 1800 high output max power and MOSFET power supply, you can run your entire audio system. This 5-channel amplifier can power you speakers as well as your subwoofers. Customize the sound with variable low and high pass crossover, bass boost and remote subwoofer control. Bridge the channels for more power and flexibility

Planet Audio AC1800.5 5 Channel Car Amplifier – 1800 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2-4 Ohm Stable, MOSFET Power Supply, Bridgeable
• Power - 300 max x 4 @2-Ohms plus 5th channel 600 watts max x 1 @2-Ohms, 150 max x 4 @4-Ohms plus 5th channel 300 max x 1 @-4-Ohms, 600 max x 2 bridged @4 Ohms
• Class A/B Topology - Class ‘A’ amplifiers have enormous amount of current flowing through its output transistors with no audio signal. Class ‘B’ amplifiers have no current flowing through its outputs with no audio signal
• Full Range - With a Full Range amplifier you not only have the option to run your speakers, but also your subwoofers
• Mosfet Power Supply - A MOSFET is an electrical switch that allows the flow of electrical current. It controls the output voltage and current precisely by removing the output current sensing loss &eliminating all secondary feedback circuitry
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4.0 out of 5 stars
Tested, REAL Review

Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2016
I hooked up a volt meter and a oscilloscope to see where the distortion would start at on AMP when I turn up the gains.Well I was only able to get 70 watts on all 4 channel clean power not the 113 watts @ 4ohms they claim.As for the 5th channel it goes well beyond what they claim. No distortion and wattage was higher than advertised.This amp is a great amp if all you're looking for is to upgrade from a factory setup but becareful on how high you turn up the gains because they will distort and flat line causing you toyour speakers and subs. I recommend you rent a oscilloscope and find your best gains.I'm running 4 speakers alpine 5x7 type S and 2- 10inch JL 200Watt RMS subs wired in 2ohm format. This amp really makes them sound amazing. I wish the amp would push cleaner power in the range of 80-100 watts on the 4 channel as it claims but it only at 70.So I give this this a solid 4 out of 5 stars for it's price point.Amp does get hot

It powers 6.5 3 way fronts and 6x9 4 way back deck with channel 5 dedicated to an 8" dual 4 ohm planet audio sub. No distortion or clipping at any volume. I am pushing about 60% gain to both sets, and roughly 80% to sub in a ported box tuned to 40hz. I could not be happier with the sound, the quality is far better than expected

will be installing tomorrow but one thing i ran into pay attention to the rms and ohms and all that cuz i almost sent my speaker back of course the impedence and ohms specs got me all confused somplace had the wrong specs i think i thought the amp ran the sub channel at 300 watts rms at 2ohms and if i hooked up a 4ohm speaker it would run at half the power this was incorrect luckily in called up planet audio tech support they were awsome by the way . the amps sub channel IE 5th channel runs at 420 watts rms at 2ohms and it will run at 300 watts rms at 4ohms and if i hook up 2 4ohm speakers it will run at 2ohms at the 420 watts rms (see i thought it was gonna run at 8 ohms and likefor power) and accoring to the diagram 3 4 ohm speaker svc will drop it below 2ohms wich is not recomended the reactor core will melt down or some schurnobyl will happen all over in yer car or itll tear ain the space time continuum now the 4 channels can be bridged to run two speakers or ran in tri modde wich you can have all 4 stereo speakers connected and asub connected and two more subs kinda wired it series with the 4 main channels u few extra things to do this it explains in the book
channel 1 and 2 would have two regular speakers wired up normally or parallel channel 1 directly to one speaker and channel 2 to another and then connecting a sub to the to pos on channel 1 and neg on channel 2 with some passive crossover i think it says
so far ive gotten teh clarion cx702 i think wich is awsome and looks cool to most all the other decks now i think look like space age guadie lookingespecially kendwood excelon iused to buy those and have owned 3 or 4 top of the line excelon decks wich looked sweet back in the day no they look the design of ther face i think has gone down the tubes those old excelon with disapearing mask were sweet clarion is the other brand ive owned and havenever had problems plus most of these new decks have someof the best reviews
now imhookin up a planet audio 1800.5 and i got infinity ref 1260w and some 6.5 inch clarion speakers for the front doors the rear doors in the tahoe im gonna leave the rear factory speakers hooked up till i get another set along with a another 1260w infinity
and any of u tahoe owners i have an 02 and from lots of research the best pleace to mount an amp is under the back seat first you need to drill like 4 holes cut thru the carpet and drill thru be very careful the gas tank is like 3 inches below that so go very slow its like a 1/4 inch you gotta go thru and you need toin like 2 boards on both sides of that inside metal rail the one that the seat cable goes thru, this gives the amp some clearence over that cable guide from this you can get a flat piece of mdf or whateverin to those to boards you to mounthte amp to thers room for a 10 inch wide board roughly and how ever long you need and you wont interfere with those seat cables the higher you mount it give you more width and eith bolt the ground to the seat frame right there or if you got enought wire run it all the way back to the battery a poor ground is bad power cables left side under the panels rca cables down the middle seemed to be easiest before you mount the amp cover it up with some of that carpet stuff or whatever and vjiola you gotta nice little wood mounting rack for yer amp if any of this needs clarification or sounds confusing or you just dont understand what theim talkin about no problem just email me im happy to help out i know theres alotta dam tahoes out there Also on a tahoe no bose or onstar you need to hook up the power antenna to the wiring harness even though you dont have one this is turn on the factory amp other wise your new deck will have no sound and this ofcourse if you just hooking up a new cd player to factory speakers because the ac delco gm deck is a pice ofcannot play recordable media forand who buys cds anymore lol BTW i wrote this after i drank like 4 rockstars so it all may make sense to me but be complete gibberesh to everyone else
This thing is awesome. I put it in the trunk of my 67 Camaro and it has so much bass I run it at less than a quarter turn on the dial. If I ran it even half way I feel like my rear window mayout. I am not even kidding. just buy it
This review is for the AC 1800.5. I was hesitant that is accepted balanced differential inputs, but it does. Works perfectly with my BMW Hifi OEM head unit. It is installed with OEM midrange speakers and tweeters. This amp overpowers them. So i recommend replacing OEM mids and tweeters speakers (if you want it louder). I had to cut out my BMW's Ski. The 5th channel is connected to A Planet Audio AC10D 10 Inch Sub, mounted in a BBox E10SV Single 10" Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure. I highly recommend this combo. Links are here: Sub: Box:
I'm not sure if it’s my experience picking out components box is tuned to 39 hz, and speaker requires a 39 Hz box. The speaker’s input wattage max is higher than amps, because if you overload a speaker it’llbut if you overload an amp, it will justdown. So I always pick a stronger speakers

When tuning the subwoofer channel crossover and bass boost i was able to get a flat bass response (hit hard, and boom) with the bass boost almost to minimum, and increased the gain accordingly. I think the flat response was easy to obtain, because the speaker was so well matched to the box. (granted speaker placement was also key). The final position of sub was it long way up (vertical). When I moved long way horizontal, bass output decreased dramatically

The OEM speaker output cannot keep up with the bass output. But as is for me, it’s loud enough. I am keeping OEM highs, until I accidentlythem up. What’s not advertised is channel 1 &&2 and 3 &&4 can be bridged tri-mode. I am planning on using Tri-mode to power the OEM under seat 8” subwoofers. So This amp has 7 channel potential. I need install passive cross-overs. The capacitor and inductor specs are provided in the instruction manual. Over all for $200 I have a loud system with super low low bass, and good/better hard hitting tight bass. Because I do not have experience with this brand, I wasn’t sure how reliable it is. So I bought the additional Square policy which will replace/repair