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## What is CAD?

**Computer-Aided-Design (CAD tools utilize highly powered computers to design, visualize and simulate new product designs

Using CAD software, engineers can build entire product designs in the virtual world (computer screen). We can visualize and review cad design to deliver the first time right products

Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia, and Creo are examples of CAD tools. We suggest you also read this article on cloud-based cad software

## What is CAM?
CAM or Computer-Aided-Manufacturing software automates the manufacturing process. CAM software takes a part of cad design as input and converts it into instructions such as G-codes that a machine can understand

Computer-aided manufacturing software has the following applications

- Generate codes that a machine can understand

- Increase machine efficiency by optimizing the tool path

- Effective utilization of raw material

## What is CAE?
** tools can simulate a product design before building physical prototypes. It ensures the product design is first-time-right for timely delivery to the customers. Examples of CAE software are FEA, CFD, MDO, etc. CAE or computer-aided engineering**
CAE Software has the following applications

- Analyze a system behavior before building the actual prototype

- Reduces the product manufacturing cost

- Faster products to the market

- Solving complex engineering problems quickly

- Value engineering etc

Click this link to know the role of simulation tools in mechanical design

## What is the difference between CAD vs CAM vs CAE?
These days, integrated software for CAD, CAM, and CAE software is available. For example, Solidworks and fusion360 have CAD, CAM, and CAE features

This CAD-CAM-CAE feature integration in one software streamlines the complete product design and development process

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