Hello All,
I am using AutoDesk inventor to create my 3D drawings, and also to perform CAM operations. I was trying to convert the file from inventor to my CNC machine as an input. The extension my cnc machine read is .cpo , .xml and .cix, can anyone please suggest me what are the possible ways to convert from inventor to cnc ?
Or maybe if Autodesk Fusion could solve ?
Advice would really be appreciated

Thank You,
Vishal Sachdeva
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Inventor CAM..

Use Inventor to create the 3d model of your design. Use Inventor CAM to program the tool selection, paths, feed rates, and other details of the manufacturing process. Download an existing post-processor to convert the Inventor CAM data to specific instructions for your machine tool. If an existing post-processor is not available, pay a 3rd party to create one

Fusion 360 is another option in place of both Inventor and Inventor CAM. You will still need the correct post-processor for your machine tool

See httpswww.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/blog/getting-started-introduction-to-cam-and-toolpaths/
Post Processors convert the tool path and other manufacturing information in the CAM software to g-code that runs on a specific machine tool. They are a translation layer that runs in the CAM software to produce the filetypes that the machine tool expects

See httpsknowledge.autodesk.com/support/autodesk-hsm/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Req..

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