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Posted by1 year ago
# In the comments under one of my videos a user asked if FreeCAD is capable of doing 3d contour milling. With the help of Brad Collette aka Sliptonic development coordinator of the CAM/CNC workbench in FreeCAD we managed to give a comprehensive answer

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Ok, I'll bite ;)
I have a 4th axis on my CNC. So far all I've been able to discover is processes that pretend that the object in the chuck is a cylinder and the way to success is wrapping the model around it with what looks like a bump map

Is there any actual open source 4 axis tool path generation around, or am I going to have to either go to the Darkside or construct my own paths manually?
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There already is rotational axis milling support in freecad. Always enabling experimental features httpswiki.freecadweb.org/Fourth_Axis
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