At ANSYS, we believe that technology should not hinder the innovation of new ideas or the development of high-quality, efficient tools. In our new release, we've made ANSYS® SpaceClaim even more powerful and faster, delivering a cutting-edge product that helps users throughout their product workflow. While addressing customer needs, utilizing emerging technologies, and catching fast-growing trends, we are constantly optimizing our core features to make SpaceClaim stand out from other 3-D modeling solutions

**ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015 release provides
Enhanced 3D print preparation capabilities
Enhanced 3D model preparation for printing
New model cleanup and model pre-printing tools, includingrepair, sharp corner repair, thickening, smoothing, adjustment, splitting and joining functions
New print analysis tools: thickness analysis, overhang analysis
Merge/crop/edit open meshes, including editing meshes directly with drag-and-drop tools
Ability to scale mesh non-uniformly
Local simplification function for improved mesh accuracy
Inter-grid deviation analysis
Volume and area measurement functions, plus volume extraction, closure and replacement tools now also support meshes

Adjust the triangles so that they are evenly distributed on the surface
Simulation model pre-processing function upgrade
New imprinting and wrapping tools for greater control over connections between parts
New simulation model cleaning and probing tools: short edges, overlapping faces, broken faces
Super selection tool and update the midplane function according to the change of geometric model
Use the edge pivot of the Pull tool to determine the size and import the layer content into the selection set
Improved integration with ANSYS Workbench™, including:
Import geometric models from Workbench and DesignModeler to SpaceClaim
ANSYS Neutral File (ANF) format output
Import and export of assemblies is 10x to 20x faster
New delivery option - "Explode in delivery"
Improve shared topology performance
Now supports direct connection to ANSYSHFSS™
Bend solid geometry or surfaces around curved parts
Conceptual design and general modeling improvements
Shortcuts to SpaceClaim tools personalized to user needs
Rotation of Surface Edges and Vertices
Reverse engineering improvements such as dedicated fitting tools for mesh curves, point capture functionality
Chamfer Improvements - Chamfer to Point Function
The repair tool supports automatic volume cropping
Tangency/natural extension of curves and surfaces

Variable radius circles, order reorganization of overlapping circle chains, link point projection
Makerbot upload function plugin
Mirrored compression/bulge, display of maximum/minimum curvature points, point/axis zoom function
"Paste Independent" and Replace Component commands with support for multiple components
Manufacturing Readiness Enhancements
Provides an embossing tool for automatic creation of patterns at sharp corners
Provides deburring and turning configuration creation tools for generating deburring and turning toolpaths
Provide curve table tools for generating curve data related tables for export
Provides an edge tool for extracting wireframe versions of parts
Support Mastercam X8
Improved interoperability
Newly imported information, including layers, materials, pure JT surfaces, PDF surface curves, for optimized model editing
Multi-threaded import for more file formats (JT, CATIA CGR) for faster import
Provides IDF Sync functionality to update modifications done in SpaceClaim
Ability to map CATIA geometry sets to SpaceClaim groups on file import
Improved OBJ texture output
Newer version support: Inventor 2015, NX 9, Parasolid 26, Solid Edge ST6, SolidWorks 2014
Improvements to the autochanger application
Automatically generate basic toolpaths from revolved geometry
Rich sheet metal functions
Wall scanning, thermal via rounding, hybrid node segmentation, configurable node gaps
Powerful feature selection function, select only the required features for faster operation
Support for editing U-curves
Individual wall folds and user-defined wall overlaps
detailed description
BOM Display Controls: Inclusion and Slump Properties
Highlight selected point size, underline control, 45° chamfer callout
Overall usability improvements, including an option to hide annotations behind entities
Create circles directly as faces
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