Bartels AutoEngineer® (BAE) is a famous EDA/CAE/CAD/CAM software system for schematic capture, printed ciruit board design and IC/ASIC design. Bartels AutoEngineer® software runs under Microsoft Windows, Linux and various X11/Unix systems. Look for yourself why more and more well-known companies - ranging from A like Alcatel (GSM) to Z like Zytek (motor sports) - are using Bartels AutoEngineer® software for the design and development of complex state-of-the-art electronic modules and components

This section provides general Bartels AutoEngineer® information such as illustrated feature lists. You might want to take a look at some of the screen shots before installing the Bartels AutoEngineer software

Download BAE Demo software if you want to test the Bartels AutoEngineer or get the free, fully functional BAE Schematic Editor for Windows or Linux. The software configuration (BAE Demo or BAE Schematics) can be selected during or after installation. BAE Schematics generates net lists for BAE and third party layout systems, simulation tools and FGPA design systems. We are happy to convert any design files created with BAE Demo should you decide to purchase a productive BAE version

Check out the BAE Price List if you want to order Bartels AutoEngineer software. Please note that BAE system prices are subject to discounts for multiple BAE systems/license purchases, universities, schools, students, etc. Please contact us with any enquiries regarding discounts..

Quality doesn't have to be expensive: Bartels AutoEngineer Light, the entry level system for double-sided PCBs up to euro format size (160 × 100 mm) is on offer for only 159 Euro plus VAT and delivery. The Bartels Autorouter as well as all other BAE Professional features and User Language are included in this price. A real bargain of a top EDA software system! You can order Bartels AutoEngineer Light here and now:

This section provides access to the Bartels AutoEngineer® software documentation. The manuals and publications are provided in English and German for web browsing and in PDF download format for offline reading and printout and include the BAE Installation Guide, the BAE User Manual to get started and for reference, and the User Language Programmer's Guide for experts. The Bartels AutoEngineer is an open system and can be fully programmed, the User Language Compiler is supplied with each BAE software configuration. Many BAE user interface functions are provided with User Languagesource code and can be adapted, amended or changed to meet user-specific requirements, even in BAE Demo

Release Notes with detailed information about new features are provided with each official Bartels AutoEngineer software release

The BAE Support Area provides technical support as well as dedicated updates, patches and downloads for existing BAE users. Check out the BAE FAQs if you are looking for answers to frequently asked questions about the Bartels AutoEngineer

Please use this special password-protected download section if you are a registered BAE user with a software maintenance contract and want to update your licensed Bartels AutoEngineer system (BAE Light, BAE Economy, BAE FabView, BAE Professional or BAE HighEnd).