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System Requirements
vectorcam training
vectorCAD not only convinces with its simple and fast operation, but also with its unusually large variety of functions. Both CAD beginners and CAD professionals can work quickly and professionally without a long training period

Due to its compatibility with Microsoft© Windows®, data exchange between the most varied of programs using copy and paste via the Windows clipboard is child's play. In this way, for example, a vectorCAD drawing can be transferred to a word processing system or a database, or an Excel spreadsheet can be inserted into a vectorCAD drawing as a parts list. With this so-called OLE connection, a wide variety of applications can be easily implemented

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The CAD program vectorCAD 2D/3D edge modeling enables professional designs using points, lines, circles or curves (splines), dimensions, hatching and much more. vectorCAD does not differentiate between 2D and 3D. All elements can be created freely in three-dimensional space at any time

Interfaces (import/export)
For smooth data exchange with other CAD systems etc., the following interfaces are included in the scope of delivery:
With vectorCAD 3D surface modeling you construct the outer skin of a 3D model. A large number of functions are available for surface modelling

includes the complete range of functions from the vectorCAD 2D/3D edge modeling and additionally:
For smooth data exchange with other CAD systems, photo rendering software, etc., the following interfaces are also included in the scope of delivery:
The 3D volume modeling is done, for example, in Alibre Design or in SolidEdge. In solid modeling, the complete body of a model is constructed. The structure is then parametric. This means: Each defined dimension can be changed later. All dependent data is automatically recalculated and the model is then updated

The assemblies or individual parts previously designed in the 2D CAD / 3D CAD software can then be passed directly to a photo rendering program. This allows you to create amazingly realistic images of your products. This means that deceptively real "product photos" can be created in just a few simple steps. In addition, even the most complex reflections, refractions and blurring effects are displayed with absolute realism. What used to take hours or even days is now a matter of minutes. And that without special know-how or special hardware requirements!
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