= 😡 In Melitopol, the Russians created a fake university-the mayor.The Russian military seized the Tavria Agro-Technological and Melitopol Pedagogical State Universities to create a new"educational institution".Diplomas of the newly created"university"are not recognized by Ukraine and other countries =

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I will never view Russia Fed as anything but angroup offollowers that try and fail miserably to make a concept or idea their own

It's so sad andwatching RF "label" or "make a sign" then think the rest of the world will what?! Believe them?!
If it smells like potato, tastes like potato, feels like potato

The World: It's a potato and treated like potato 🥔
Russia Fed: We create new technology called Gold! "Here be gold 🥔"
It's actually a serious issue in all non-seized through awar russian cities. All humanitarian degrees and a lot of more technical ones are skewed through a lens of propaganda. I am an academic philosophy/history/biology enthusiast, with a focus on the first one, and I dropped out for that precise reason

Basically, complex sociological frameworks are reduced to being anti or pro russian, which is just hysterical. Getting an actual education here is personal responsibility instead of having decent institutions, and you can just -pay- to publish "a study"

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