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|Rector||Edmond Hajrizi|
Academic staff
Coordinates: 42°38′51″N 21°09′10″E / 42.6475°N 21.1528°E
|Campus||Lipljan, Ferizaj & PPrizren|
|Website||wwwUniversity for Business and Technology** (UBT) is a private university located in Kosovo. [a] [1] [2] [3]
== About[edit] ==
UBT is an established and innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo which combines the advantages of internationally recognized universities. The university offers:
- Contemporary study programs based on international quality standards
- Distinguished academics and experts
- Partnerships with renowned universities and institutions which offer the possibility for study exchange and external professional experience
- Modern infrastructure and modern management (in accordance with ISO 9001)
- Direct links with the economy, academic and international research projects, and transfer of tech knowledge
- Highly motivated students and personnel
All of these components make UBT not only an important educational institution for the future of Kosovo, but a modern institution in Europe. With the visions of “Top Education for Top Students” and “Succeed with Quality”, UBT is continually looking towards the future and as a result, has become one of the most progressive and esteemed universities in the region

== Campus[edit] ==
== Courses[edit] ==
UBT provides a dynamic and international study environment for Bachelor and Master students through high-quality, problem based learning. The education offered at UBT include lectures in foreign languages by lecturers and scholars from abroad which creates an international study environment for both domestic and international students. With over 50 fields of study to choose from, students can select a field of specialization that fits with their aspirations and develop the concentrated knowledge necessary to become a successful entrant into the labor market

The university offers both undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The following study programs are accredited at UBT:
- Management, Business and Economics (Bachelor's and Master's)
- Finance, Banking and Insurance
- Accounting, Audit and Taxation
- Marketing and Sales
- Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Logistics and Procurement Management
- International Business
- Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor's and Master's)
- Software and Engineering Systems
- Database and Information Systems
- Network and Telecommunications
- Mechatronics and Robotics
- Design and Multimedia
- Mechatronics Management (Bachelor's and Master's)
- Electrotechnics
- Electronics
- Information Technology
- Industrial Production
- Industrial Design
- Information Systems (Bachelor's and Master's)
- Business Information Systems
- Geo Information Systems (GIS)
- Library Information Systems and Knowledge Management
- Statistics, Data Processing and Simulation
- Information Security and Privacy
- Architecture and Spatial Planning (Bachelor's and Master's)
- Architecture
- Design
- Spatial Planning
- Energy and Environment
- Building and Infrastructure Engineering (Bachelor's)
- Infrastructure
- Environment
- Management
- Construction
- Political Science and Diplomacy (Bachelor's)
- International Relations and Diplomacy
- European Integration
- Public Administration
- Law (Bachelor's and Master's)
- Civil Law
- Criminal Law
- International Law
- International and European Business Law
- Media and Communication (Bachelor's)
- Journalism
- Communication
- Media Management
- Public Relations
- Online Journalism
- Camera and Photography
- Energy Engineering (Bachelor's and Professional Diploma)
- Energy Efficiency Engineering (only accredited institution in Kosovo)
- Energy Economy
- Sustainable Design
- Electric Generation and Renewable Energy
- Energy Management
- Biomass Energy and Environment
- Nursing (Bachelor's)
- General Emergency Nursing
- Internal Medicine Nursing
- Surgical Nursing
- Community and Family Nursing
-Health Nursing
- Oncology Nursing
- Obstetrical Nursing
- Pediatric Nursing
- Integrated Design (Bachelor's)
- Graphic and Communication Design
- Fashion and Textile Design
- Industrial Product Design
- Building and Furniture Design
- Food Science and Technology (Bachelor's)
- Food Technology
- Nutrition
- Food Quality and Safety Management
- Public Policy and Management (Master's)
== Notes[edit] ==
|a The political status of Kosovo is disputed. Having unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, Kosovo is formally recognised as an independent state by 97 UN member states (with another 15 states recognising it at some point but then withdrawing their recognition) and 96 states not recognizing it, while Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory

== References[edit] ==