After completing the bachelors degree in commerce, the usual questions which come to your mind- what am I gonna do? How will I find the right career path? Which college will I join? how am I gonna afford it? Well, first of all, mate, congratulations on completing your graduation which is a huge milestone. Secondly, choosing commerce has been the right decision you have ever made, there is plenty of options to swim around for a great future. lastly, take a deep breath, dont be anxious because you have come to the right place. I have listed down the top universities in the United States which offer excellent courses for commerce graduates

Commerce degrees are usually related to the dynamics associated with trade and market, also regarding economics, accountancy and other business-related programs. The United States is home to some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. With over 150 universities featured in international rankings, the U.S. has some of the best business schools. Education in the United States is usually funded by the public sector be it federal, state or local. I have handpicked the best universities which offer the best courses for commerce graduates

## 1. Merchandising and Consumer Studies by Texas State University
Located in San Marco, United States, Texas State University is a top-class university offering a wide range of programs. In the world ranking, the college places in the chart of 1000 best colleges

Merchandising and consumer studies is a top masters degree to pursue after graduation in the commerce field. Texas University is known for its M.S course. The duration of the course is 1year. The course focuses on nurturing the students on becoming top product developers, retail and merchandising managers, as well as consumer studies professionals. This course is highly recommended considering its great future employability and scope

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## 2. International Commerce and Policy by George Mason University
Ranked as 201
st in the world ranking, George Mason University is a top-rated university located in the United States of America. The university is placed in Fairfax, Virginia. The neighbourhood is a great place to shift for focusing on education as well as employability

International Commerce and Policy is a much broader course than MBA. It is primarily focused on international affairs, economics, international relations and public policy. The duration of the course is 12months and it is comparatively economical too. The tuition fee is 1512 USD/credit. The course is greatly endorsed because it helps the students to prepare for the new challenges in the new economy. The course emphasises training in the political, social, and technological aspects of the global economy.The
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## 3. Political Science MA/MS by Texas A&M University
A university predominantly focused on commerce, Texas A&M University-Commerce College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts is a great university offering top-notch programs

The Political science MA/MS is a different course from the usual business and economics programs. The course starts on Sept 2021. To join the course, graduate students seeking the Master of Science degree in Political Science should demonstrate analytical, statistical, & mathematical competencies through any combination of 9 hours undergraduate or graduate course

The program helps to prepare us for public administration, government and campaigns. The faculty focuses on emphasizing analytical thinking on politics and philosophy for the students. It is an online course which will prolong for 2 years. Getting a thesis for PhD need a total of 30hour credit and if its a non-thesis the total credit hours is 36hours

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## 4. E-commerce Strategy and Experience by RMIT University
RMIT University is located in Australia which is one of the finest university in the country. The university ranks 223
rd in the world ranking of best universities. The university offers a wide range of programs for students all over the country

E-commerce strategy and experience is a futuristic course that will help to prepare us for the present competing economy. The course is a short duration course which will get over in 42days. The tuition is relatively expensive considering the robust curriculum. The tuition fee for the program is 1200 AUD/full. The E-commerce strategy course helps you to excel in your start-ups, deliver excellent customer experiences, and make strategic choices about where to invest your capital. The course is highly recommended since you will be learning with industrial experts and the course is immensely flexible

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## 5. Sales Operations-Management by West Virginia University
Located in Morgantown, West Virginia University is moving towards a global destiny. Rated as the #2 public university at which to do research, the universitys certificate has great value as well as scope in future

Sales-operation management is different from most of the commerce courses. it is instructed by the famous and top instructor, Michael F. Walsh, PhD who is the Department Chair & Associate Professor of Marketing. Moreover, the course is absolutely free in Coursera. This course provides the knowledge and knows how obliged for careers in sales management. It takes 6months to complete the course

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## 6. Real EstateUSA by Internation Career Institute
International Career Institute is a private provider and independent institute offering an ample range of online education. ICI has met the expectations of this global organization which represents more than 100 colleges and 15,000 practitioners in the field

The real estate industry is a competitive field and projected to experience an increase in employment opportunities over the next decade as there is a huge spike in population for housing. The course length is 24weeks and it is a diploma level course. This course is recognised and accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC)

Moreover, The course content is provided by means of real-life scenarios with real clients to work through the course. This course is highly recommended for a high paid career

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## 7. Retail Management by Masterportal
The retail management course is offered at Salem University. You can pick this course if you want to become a Retail Business AnalystOperations Supervisor or ManagerPurchasing Agent/Buyer Customer Service Manager

The duration of the course is 1year and the cost of the tuition fee is comparatively expensive. It is 11,694 EUR. Salem University is located in Virginia, United States. Salem is authorized by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in accordance with the West Virginia Code of State Rules

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## 8. Global Commerce and Finance by Masterportal
To tackle the present-day global commercialization, there has been a huge demand for this course considering the future prospects. This course is offered by Claremont Graduate University, which is one of the finest university in California

This course is a 1and half a year course that specifically focuses on the fundamentals, sophisticated quantitative and scientific knowledge of the International business environment. The tuition fee for the course is 1,635 EUR

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## 9. Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology by Masterportal
Fashion is something that is very dynamic in nature. There will always be scope in future for apparel fashion. This comprehensive course is offered by Central Michigan University which is ranked in the best universities worldwide

It is a 2years intensive program which will cost 702 EUR/credit. The classes start on March 2022. If you want to work on cutting the edge of fashion, this is the right course for you. It is a very interesting course

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## 10. Electricity Markets
Offered by the Illinois Institute of technology, the electricity market is a combination of finance and management which is very indispensable for the electric power industry. It is a booming field to start a career

The Illinois institute is ranked 301
st in the world ranking. Doing a course in this field will help you to have great future prospects. The duration of the course is 1year and the cost of the tuition is 1,333 EUR/credit. The course is exclusively a campus program.