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Champlain College Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Management that is 100% online. What sets Champlain apart is the college’s dedication to supremely flexible, career-focused, affordable education. First-year students and transfer students can enroll in this online business bachelors program, which consists of 120 credits. Transfer students are allowed to bring in up to 90 credits and have the opportunity to earn credit for experience

The program is structured in a way that helps fast-track students to graduate. There are three semesters per year, each made up of two seven-week terms. Most of the courses last for just seven weeks, a small selection of them are a full 15 weeks because the material was too complex to condense. Students can start during any term, meaning that there are six start dates for you to choose from

The program features a robust core curriculum that covers business research, innovation, law, marketing, accounting, and more. Just by completing the core components of the program, students earn three certificates in Business Foundations, Intermediate Business, and Business Management. When you select your specialization, you will also obtain a relevant certificate in that area as well

The areas of specialization that are currently available include Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Cost Accounting, Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Business, Forensic Accounting, Human Resource Management, Human Relations & Organization Development, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management &Logistics

## What is business management?
Business management sounds pretty straightforward, and it is. If you pursue a degree in this field, you will learn how to manage a business; but, you will gain a more profound knowledge of the subject than you would by going about it another way. This is a major that you can apply to a variety of fields or you can use as the basis for specialized graduate study. The curriculum of a business management program will cover the core subjects in business such as accounting, economics, finance, and marketing. You will study how companies operate, how products are sourced and manufactured, how those products are then marketed and sold, and how money is managed to sustain anda business

Once you have that foundational knowledge about the way a business functions, you will study more in-depth topics in management. Some examples include communications, decision-making, human resources, information systems, and logistics. This type of program is intended to prepare you to manage other people or work in a supervisory position. Adding a specialization to your degree would allow you to look deeper into how a business in a specific field works, or to prepare yourself for a role in managing a business based on your career goals

## Is business administration a good major?
Business Administration is an excellent major if it is one that will prepare you for the professional life that you want. There are a few things that set it apart as being a good choice of major. One thing is that it serves as a strong foundation in the field of business. If you are not sure exactly what role you want to fill in the business world, this major will give you a basic understanding of the function of a business. This is the broadest undergraduate major in business, so it can prepare you for your next step even if you’re not entirely sure what that will be for you

Another reason that this is a great major option is that it is flexible (in more than one way). Firstly, you can add an area of specialization and tailor it to a specific area in the field, or you can center your electives around a different career entirely and further prepare yourself for it at the graduate level. Having a background in business is likely to make you stand out as a candidate in many fields. Every business needs to be managed. Secondly, online degree options are abundant. You can earn this degree as part of a degree completion program or entering as a first-time college student. You can find a degree that fits your schedule and budget quite easily and won’t have to compromise the academic quality of the program

## What is the difference between business management and business administration?
While these two areas of study are similar in several ways, they are not the same thing. With a degree in either area, you can go into a management position, but what you learn on each path is going to differ greatly and will impact (or improve!) your career options later on

Both majors will consist of a business core. This typically covers accounting, finance, marketing, and economics. You may learn a lot of the same subjects throughout your course of study but how you learn them and apply them later is where these two options diverge

Business Management centers around planning and organizing, leadership, communication, logistics, recruiting, organizational behavior, and more. This degree prepares students for a management role specifically. The core of what you learn is how to develop an organization’s goals and the skills to properly align personnel and resources to meet them

Business Administration is more technical. This major focuses on how a business works in its entirety. Instead of taking the business core and then delving into more theoretical topics, you will learn in-depth about money, products, analytics, business law and ethics, public relations, and so on. This is a more broad-based approach to learning business that you can build on to suit your needs, allowing you to fill roles beyond management alone

## Is certification the same as licensing?
As you are studying, you may come across the opportunity to pursue a certificate in a specific area. Also, in many areas of the business field, you may need a license to fill a particular role. It is easy to confuse these two as the same thing, and some institutions may use them interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing

A certificate is typically awarded by a program or an institution after you complete a set of courses or fill another set of requirements. What this shows is that you have taken these courses and that you understand the content. This is evidence of your knowledge in a particular area for prospective employers

Certifications come from a third-party organization that has set standards. Some classes and programs are designed to prepare you for certification in a particular area; however, certifications are not associated with higher education in and of themselves. Instead, colleges plan some programs to include the knowledge you will need in order to get certified. Usually, you will take an exam to receive your certification in whatever area, and this shows prospective employers that some standard-setting organization authorizes you to fill a role

A license is similar to a certification. They indicate your competency in a certain area, but they differ from certifications in that they are typically awarded by the federal government or state government where you intend to practice. These are usually mandatory and sometimes need to be renewed with continuing education or re-examination after a certain point

## What is the best business management degree?
What is best for you may not be the best for everyone else. It is essential to find a school and a degree program that suits your needs. You’ll need to consider your career goals, your schedule, and your financial situation. However, there are some hallmarks of a great degree program that can’t be ignored. Based on our research, the best online business management degree is the Bachelor of Science in Management from Northeastern University

We look at several different things when we are considering degree programs. Based on the academic quality and affordability of this particular BS in Management, we think it is the best. Online students pay in-state tuition rates at Northeastern, and nearly 50% of students receive financial aid

The program also stands out for its flexibility. Northeastern University allows you to choose from multiple start dates throughout the year and delivers this program entirely online and asynchronously. You truly can study when you want to. Additionally, you can study what you want to! 25% of credits come from electives you choose

This business management degree program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, features a generous transfer policy, and provides some unique learning opportunities for those enrolled

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