= The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review - Is DIVI The Best WordPress Theme? 5/8/22 =

**The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review - Is DIVI The Best WordPress Theme? 5/8/22**
Hi guys, Gaz Barnett here from Email Marketing Rocks with another recommended tool that I have found to be versatile and so easy to use. I want to tell you more about it

Divi is a free WordPress Theme produced by Elegant Themes. It is currently the most popular theme on Themeforest with over 2 million downloads. Divi has a vast range of features that allow webmasters to create professional-looking WordPress sites in no time at all

Many people struggle to build web pages with those endless lists of settings, fonts, columns, sections, headers, footers, etc,(you get my meaning.) It can be tough to get started and it’s often hard to understand how the final result is created

Divi has simplified the whole process with its WYSIWYG interface

* includes a range of new features, including 4 brand-new modules, that will make it much easier for you to create your website. With the new Drag and Drop interface, you just drag and drop the modules into place and start adding content! Divi 3.0*
Creating a website can be time-consuming, especially if you don't have any design skills, or the budget to pay someone else

Divi 3.0 is the latest version from Elegant themes and its most popular theme. If you are looking for a drag-and-drop website builder, then you're in luck because Divi 3.0 has everything you need to create your site without breaking a sweat

With Divi 3.0, creating high-quality websites has never been so easy
Building websites has never been faster

Nowadays, anyone can now build a website with a few clicks

You no longer need to know HTML and CSS coding to design and publish a quality website you can be proud of

These are some of the most popular web builder services that we use today:
- Wix;
- WordPress;
- Squarespace;
- Weebly

**What are the features of this theme
This theme is very responsive and clean looking and comes with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder. It's also SEO optimized, has faster page loading and it has a user-friendly admin panel

This theme is one of a kind Its dark colour palette and lots of purples and greens make for some professional-looking pages. Many different elements and images allow you to do this with Divi

The features of this theme are creative and stylish but different from other themes which is why I use the term one-of-a-kind

**What’s the customer response like to THE DIVI theme
The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. 90% of customers who have used the theme for their business are pleased with its features and functionality

**Whom would the target audience be
Anyone from professional web builders, small businesses, Educational establishments, content creators, and even school parents, with its WYSIWYG, the interface is so easy to use

**What are the criteria for a "best" WordPress theme
The answer to this can be found in the individual needs of the user

WordPress themes are an integral part of any user’s website. These themes are designed to give your site the desired look and feel while catering to the specific needs of your content

Many factors go into selecting a theme for your WordPress site, the most important being how you want your pages to look. The following criteria can be used to measure how good a theme is:
-What is the code quality like?
-Is it responsive?
-Does it have social media integration?
-Is it SEO optimized?
-Does it have a custom post type for both pages and posts?
Divi ticks all the boxes in this department

**Summary: Is DIVI the best WordPress theme
Divi is a popular WordPress theme that offers a drag-and-drop interface, over 50 pre-made layouts, and an advanced front-end editor. It also comes with unlimited sidebars and the ability to display as much or as little content on each page. Its vast customization options allow anyone to build a website that's tailored to their needs without any coding or design skills

Divi's unique design tools empower anyone to build sophisticated layouts with just a few clicks easily. Unlike old-fashioned themes, Divi is powered by the latest web technologies so it looks great on every device

Divi solves all of the page-building problems that you never knew were there until you began staring at your finished website and asking yourself
How did I ever live without this **What does Divi Theme offer
Divi Theme is the most powerful theme in the world, created exclusively for WordPress by Elegant Themes

They are currently offering a 30-day trial for you to test the theme

Divi Theme has been specifically designed to bring a powerful web page Builder within everyone’s reach

In my opinion, it’s the best one I've come across for its
looks and ease of use, and I've been using themes for over 20 years

Divi provides individuals and businesses with a very powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for creating gorgeous-looking web pages and online layouts. coming with over 40 pre-made layouts which can be used as is or as a starting point for something more customized. There are also over 50 modules that can be added to these templates, enabling users to do pretty much anything that their imagination can conjure up, from an online store to a simple event page in just minutes

It's very reasonably priced too with inexpensive yearly plans

At the time of writing this review, they’re offering a
**30-day free trial** which gives you plenty of time to find out if DIVI is right for you

To find out more about DIVI today visit: httpswww.emailmarketingrocks.com/go/gaa249
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