= Small Business. Educating Leadership of Security and Social medial Rules/recommendations. =

Curious if any others have gone into this

we are too small to have a security officer. though i have a decent experience in it with past employment

Part of this is educating/Requiring baby boomers to lock down social media. More so the ones with anti government and anit "other People" posts are private and not shown to the world as they are a key member of the management team

Has anyone had to do this? anyone gone as far as writing a policy? Any luck? pushback. or anything to say on it at all?

With big(ger) companies higher management does have a social media presence, but their accounts are run by a communications department. The fact that someone is the CEO or whatever isn't hidden at all. And why would you hide that? Then people would also need to censor their LinkedIn which kinda works like a permanent resume

I'd say someone working in the IT department like a sysadmin is more at risk, the sysadmin usually has access to all systems. It would be far worse to have a sysadmin compromised due to social media. This could be a real issue for public sector work

I never encountered a real policy as in stuff written down, but any smart person knows that in this day and age you have to be careful on social media. If your going for a job interview you can bet the farm that HR will Google you

HR + Marketing issue
our company is in a tricky spot. we have no marketing. Its more so for some of the senior leadership team to not beonline when it references our company name in their (Work Bio)

HR will agree but not write something. As its to do with computers. hahaha

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