= I have a BSc and Masters in IT Mgt from WGU + 8 years of experience in my field. I’ve been thinking of getting another MBA (MOST preferably from an Ivy League school). Do I have any chance of getting accepted? =

There's a lot more to grad school admissions than what your previous college experience was. High GRE/GMAT, good references/LORs, good admissions essay, good work experience, etc. are some of the many factors considered. I don't think your WGU degrees will hold you back

I don't know anything about business or IT Management, but just to put my two cents in here: you might consider also trying for British schools. Many of them have distance-learning programs and might be accommodating to foreign students

I managed to get into University of York's computer science graduate program with a WGU degree as an American distance-learning student. University of York isn't "Ivy League" (as that's an American thing), but it
*is* a very well-respected school in England

Just a suggestion that I didn't see anyone else makingmight be worth checking out

I have similar problem but with computer science masters at stanford. I was advised two take two graduate courses there and score well on them. This would allow to take reference from their professors and use them in the application

I got into Harvard Mba just started you will need a lot of recommendation letters from sp500 executive
I would check out linked in if no one here answers your question. I’ve heard stories of people leaving WGU with degrees and being accepted to Ivy League schools, but I think linked in would show you a better picture of how/why an individual would be accepted

The question is do you meet the requirements? GRE/GMAT scores, letters of recommendation, etc? Will they accept a pass/fail degree since you don't have a true GPA?