= 20 year old gets an MBA in 14 days from an online school. Mixed reactions in the school's subreddit r/WGU =

These threads are a few months old, my friends sent them to me and I thought they would fit well here. Also, I don't fully understand WGU so somebody correct me if I am wrong, but from what I gather it is an American online school that lets you take finish courses on your own pace. Idk how WGU is received in America so somebody who is American can comment on that better than me

A 20 year old student proceeds to finish an MBA from this school in 14 days and posts about it on the subreddit. Some users give positive feedback and say haters are jealous, some are skeptical and feel that this devalues/ tarnishes the program's reputation

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Hilarious that they keep justifying some of the speed by saying they type quickly. Do they think people take longer to write papers because they type slowly? Says to me there is very little thought involved in these papers, despite the length, if you can blast one out in an hour. Idk, maybe that's common in business. I wouldn't know

At the graduate level, I finally had to break my habit of writing papers the day they were due because I finally had to
*think* when I wrote them

I have so many questions about this whole premise, his work ethic aside. A lot of my concern is mostlyon how this program could possibly work

How are these legitimate classes? I am assuming a professor is lecturing and grading his assignments- how do they offer such an accelerated schedule to accommodate this student?
He’s submitting papers and having them returned for edits within hours and taking tests and getting results immediately- who is grading these tests? Who is reading these papers? A business degree can’t possibly be achieved solely on scantron type exams testing rote memorization, surely there must be essay type/critical thinking based assignments? So who is responsible for proctoring and grading these tests? How are they so available for this student to speed run this degree so quickly?
Is it all online YouTube lectures and multiple choice tests? How much do you pay for a learning experience like that?
as someone that got a degree from an actual college (not the online joke in the thread) andwriting papers. All of the business electives I took that had papers, I basically just wrote my stream of consciousness on a topic, did a quick edit, and often walked away with a B

Just giving two cents from a corporate perspective The papers I write for work are shorter and take much longer to complete because being precise, succinct and accurate are so much more important in real life than in school. Important papers will go through multiple reviews and revisions and people until they're ready to publish
Ah so this is why my HR department throws out the degrees of WGU grads

That would be a literal crime if they do so

No? Not at all. WGU-grad is not a legally protected class. They can not hire anyone they want as long as it isn't discrimination

The degrees of WGU grads would be their property, if your HR department throws out the degrees of WGU grads that is indeed a crime

Are you seriously so dense that you think I'm talking about literally throwing away the piece of paper, dude? It's an expression. Good grief

Not dense and not amove, I only said "if" that were the case in both of my comments.