= Email from my “Ivy League” nursing school’s alumni association about shifting to all online classes for CRNA =

The concept of online nursing school classes is wild. I can’t think of a single BSN program that is structured like this. Just another money grab at theof vulnerable future patients

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Uworld university c/o 2019

And this is why residency is understood as the defacto medical training experience. What is sad is watching medical students get excluded from procedures instead of their specialized midlevel counterparts (eg epidurals to AA students instead of M4s). That is an extremely expensive andeducational experience

medical education needs a massive overhaul

There are several online RN-BSN bridge programs that are primarily online. I honestly see little reason why most post licensure didactic courses can’t shift to online delivery. I love being able to listen to lectures at double speed. I can tell you that I didn’t need to sit physically in the classroom for some of the fluff. All patient contact absolutely needs to be in person though

ASN to BSN is literally just fluff courses. Papers to write and leadership classes essentially. The only extra clinical in BSN (AFAIK) is a population health type clinical. For mine, we went to a daycare and played with kids. IMO if post grad nursing wants to be taken seriously, online classes need to be off the table, especially since they’re trying to market themselves as just as competent (if not more) as physicians
It sounds like the lectures themselves are online but the actual clinical experiences are in person? I honestly don’t have a problem with lectures being online since there’s not much difference in quality of lecture when you’re in person. Clinical experiences should absolutely be in person tho. That is very different

Ito say it but this is becoming more common because of covid. My current program is this model and it makes me sad because I feel like I'm getting a sub-par education. Before covid, this program was all in-person and I don't think they have a plan to actually go back to in-person classes

If I were to go back to school, I’d have to do online classes because of full time work and kids. But, I think it’s hard to determine what a good school is when they’re fully online. So many schools are doing these programs but are they contracting out or using their staff with their criteria for good professors? So many online schools have terrible reputations, like university of Phoenix, Or those schools that the government is cancelling student loans over

This is clearly labeled as “post licensure”. This means the applicant is ALREADY a practicing and licensed CRNA who is now pursuing a doctorate degree. CRNA programs are just now transitioning to doctorate level. Most licensed CRNAs at this point have a masters degree and can now finish their doctorate online through programs such as this. This is NO additional clinical training between the two types of programs. The difference lies in class room work only, thesis, research, doctoral projects, business classes etc. This is why classes like this is offered online

Aren’t a lot of med students just skipping lectures, replaying videos at different speeds, using Anki and other resources too? Clinical should obviously be in person, which most reputable advanced practice nurse programs are

As for nursing education it’s very fragmented. Lots of great and bad schools. I know Hopkins Doctoral CRNA program let’s you take all first year classes online except the anatomy course with lab. The 2nd and 3rd year must be on campus due to anesthesia clinicals

Nurse practitioner programs like Penn, Duke and many others are mostly online but they arrange clinical for you in person. These schools have great clinical placements in their respective health system or arrange it with place of employment. For example, I could be working as an RN at Stanford and do NP rotations at my current place of employment. Lots of schools are already doing this. The problem are the cash cow programs like Walden university and other schools who will take anybody with a pulse, and make you find your own preceptor instead of having a vetted established program in place
We’re still responsible for learning basic sciences…however, nowadays we have to learn 3x as much and do well on licensing exams/shelf/comat…
Ain’t no one got time for physician/PhDs rants or random factoids that will never be utilized in our everyday practice. I had mandatory attendance and really wish my school had prioritized self directed learning more
Sure, the can miss lecture but, when they bomb their USMLE and can't place for residency, they're on their own. Most med students are aware of the consequences of not matching and tend to be a bit more proactive. Not to forget that med school debt is more than these nursing programs

My problem with it is that the option to even go to class has been taken away. If someone likes to go to class, going 100% online is a detriment- we all saw it happen with covid. I definitely skipped some nursing classes, but for the harder classes like pharm and pathophys, having a professor in front of you to answer questions in real time is a great resource. I edited out a lot of the email but these won’t be live lectures; they will be uploaded recordings. Learning at home can be really hard for some people, so what will happen when a CRNA who learned how to intubate off YouTube is taking care of your family?
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