= Education has now become business =
February 15, 2019 6:46am CST
During the olden days, there used to be a lot of government schools all over the country and school fees was moderate to pay and at the same time unique school fees prices.. But now these days, almost all the schools is made up of private schools with different , different school fees prices instead of it all to have a unique school fees price. Do you agree with me that education is now a business?
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• Baguio, Philippines
15 Feb 19
Most private schools do I thinkbecause government schools offer less but materials used are not as good as those in the private ones..

• Ghana
15 Feb 19
you are right, but that shouldn't make the fees very higher
• Portugal
15 Feb 19
Education is a right we all have and it should be free and provided by the government

• Portugal
15 Feb 19

@bondali919 (118)
• Canada
16 Apr 19
Yes education is really becoming business in our socialites due to high love of money

@Lignitecityabishek96 (6791)
• Cuddalore, India
15 Feb 19
Yes, you are right. Many of them are seeing only money, not knowledge

• Rockingham, Australia
15 Feb 19
Schools are big business in Australia too although the government schools are not too expensive. Some private ones are very, very dear