= This DPZ of the Zürich S-Bahn needs some anger management courses (sound recommended) =

Is it normal to see the doors opening at slow speeds? That would be pretty handy here in the Netherlands. I would definitely jump out of slow moving trains often to catch my 1 minute transfers hehe

Yes some olderish trains do that, on new ones you wait a few 10secs for them to open when the train stops
It needs the safety interlock looking at. Doors shouldn't be opening on a moving train, should they?
This is normal for the DPZ. The driver can open the doors as soon as it goes below 10 km/h or so. The click at the very beginning of the video indicates that point, though, in this case, the driver waits a little bit. Interestingly, the low-floor cars that replaced one of the original ones in each DPZ during the modernization only open the doors once the train has come to a full stop and the sliding gap filler has been deployed. This means that people in the original cars can leave the train up to about five seconds earlier

This particular example seems to have too much pressure in the pneumatics, as it opens much faster than normal. Usually, they open about half as fast and don't rattle and bounce around like this. Stuff like this is probably why I often see a DPZ with a disabled door

No. For some reason, it only opens aggressively, but closes normally. Funny enough, the door on the other side opens normally, but the two halves slam into each other a little when closing

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