= My work gave me budget approval to take leadership courses. Which school do you recommend? UPenn’s Wharton, Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School, or Stanford School of Business. =

Leadership & Management Certificate Program at University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School: httpsonline.wharton.upenn.edu/leadership-and-management-certificate/
Women’s Leadership Program at Yale School of Management: httpsonline-shortcourses.som.yale.edu/presentations/lp/yale-som-execed-womens-leadership-online-program/
Stanford LEAD Online Business Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business:.stanford.edu/browse/?program_type=management
Leadership & Management at Harvard Business School Online: httpsonline.hbs.edu/subjects/leadership-management/
— Broad goal is to expand leadership skills, gain certificate that will be helpful for future career path

If you choose “Other”, please recommend alternative via comment or DM. Thank you very much

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I took some courses on Yale and HBS (although other than the ones you listed). I recommend Yale - there’s great community, the discussion is facilitated, materials are fresh, website is quite useful. Lots of value. HBS on the other hand is sturdy, dated, no community at all and they shown us videos recorded in 90s

I've had friends attend the Executive Development Program at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School - Consider researching that program

Just completed Harvard's Program for Leadership Development (PLD). Highly recommend. DM me for details, would be happy to explain my experience

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Just completed Harvard's Program for Leadership Development (PLD). Highly recommend. DM me for details, would be happy to explain my experience

Depends what you want to achieve. Leadership is not something you learn in school as it goes against human nature, I.e. to be liked. However, it tends to come more naturally to those who are humble enough to accept their mistakes and brave enough to set the ego aside and serve rather than command and control…
IMHO the best way to understand others is to understand yourself and the best way to lead others is to be brave enough to lead yourself

I would start with a practical course, something like The Human Element

Or, if you work in a large organization, find the best leader (I.e. the one with the team that has made the most progress) and ask him to coach you. Yes, leaders do that…they coach others

Godspeed, and remember, you will never be the perfect leader, however,