= Been at Walmart for almost a month, working 36 hours a week while taking 18 credits of college courses. My job position isn’t what I expected and I do not enjoy how the leadership and management is at our store. Can I just quit by leaving a note on one of our higher ups desk? =

You can quit, by just not showing up. Writing a sky message, or baked on a cake, lighting your vest on fire at a adults only party at the beach. Yes, I have way over thought this

Oh, don't set a vest on fire; do you know what these things are made of? You know those "Toxic waters at Camp Lejeune" lawyer ads? 5 years from now: "Were you a Walmart associate who wore a baby blue vest? You may be due compensation for various medical conditions resulting from
I have walmart phone. I can just turn it in personal and tell them I'm leaving right? Without a two weeks notice?
How to quit tutorial:
(1)on the floor, (2) leave a note sticking out the deep end

Technically you can quit however you want, you could simply stop showing up, you can give them a notice of 1-2 weeks of you wanted (typically the best way to do it if you ever plan on returning to a company) you could wait till lunch and just not come back, there are no right or wrong ways to quit. You choose your method and do it, there are “nice” ways of quitting (ie: the 2 week notice) but you don’t have to do it that way

I have seen multiple people return to the company one of them even multiple times who have quit without notice and such
I mean that's what I did. Not the best thing to do if you are looking for Walmart's positive recommendation in the future though lol although I'm not sure how much that matters
I've seen Walmart rehire people who walked our on the job before
Lol I overhead a coach saying the last three cap 2 that quit never gave their work phone back
It won't do any good. They won't care. Where like a number. Some thing they can use

Give 2 weeks. Your leadership may be terrible but that doesn’t mean you should be

How is it terrible for someone suffer for two extra weeks when they don't need to?
This. And dont burn your bridges. Im not saying you have to work at walmart someday, but if one day you do (and go to a diff store), at least when wont remember you by been some ruda azz person. ✌🏻
You most likely work in an At-Will state. Walk into the office at the beginning of your next shift and quit. Then punch out and go home. Don’t give them Notice. They won’t give you notice you’re getting fired in two weeks

Tell your lead, coach etc they’ll do the usual paper work and you’ll be on the way

If you are in a Right-To-Work state, you can either ghost out or inform your supervisor at any time that you quit and won't be back

If you'd prefer to avoid burning a bridge, two weeks notice in a letter to your TL and Coach, with a CC to the PL, would help your future prospects with the company

Maybe you need some time and experience elsewhere to help find your retail bearings. Maybe retail isn't for you at all

And depending upon how you feel about your situation and prospects on landing another job, you should do what feels right and necessary for you.