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Hello all!
I have a pretty successful small business that I've (somehow) gotten to this point without much legal business/business-tax related knowledge. My usual accountant has been really awful lately too, and I feel like our finances are pretty straight forward. So I'd like to see if I can become more self sufficient in this regard, but also just learn how to run the actual business side of our operations in a cleaner, more efficient, and intelligent manner

I just don't feel like I have a lot of governmental/paperwork-y/tax/accounting business knowledge. For example, when I filed for our tax-exempt status in my state I completely jacked it up and they came after me for employee taxes (it's just a partnership, there's no actual employees) for a hot second, plus even just researching to file an extension for our business tax filing this year is making my head spin (again, our accountant is super unreliable, but then again she's like 1/10th the price of normal ones so whatever)

Anyways, does anybody have any recommendations of a course, Youtube series, anything that they would recommend to learn these areas of business ownership/running that I mentioned? I'm happy to pay for anything worth the time, and I considered doing something through my local college but most courses I've taken through there for my associates degree were painfully simple so odds are there's something better (I'm hoping anyways)

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions!

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Coursera.org has many biz courses from the biggest business schools. For a monthly fee you can take courses from Kellog, Wharton, Darden, etc. So much to learn there

Thank you! My cursory look at it looks like a lot of it is soft skills, marketing, and data analysis type things regarding business. I think maybe I'm looking for a more legally/tax/financially minded knowledge, unless I'm missing it? I'll keep looking through their offered courses though!
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