= Project Management position - what's the best PM school/course for me? =

I applied for a Program Management position at my current employer. I don't have any PM training or certifications, but I do have all of the
**Required Skills/Experience** with the exception of "Project management methodology" - see below. If I take the job I want to get a professional certification - which school or course should I be looking at? Employer is paying, so nospared

I'm an equipment engineer in the semiconductor industry, with 30 years experience. My bachelor's degree is Mechanical Engineering, but the job is multi-functional; electrical, electronics, HVAC, gas/chemical, process engineering, emissions control

I have a good shot at this because I've been here 10 years and am well known to senior management. The project goals are to make big changes in the technical areas where I work - manufacturing/operations - so I have the technical understanding of the project just no formal training

**Responsibilities will include
Lead the execution of theprogram atSite
Developroadmaps and actions for the site to enable amanufacturing footprint

Establish and monitor metrics for 
Communicate status of team to senior site leadership
Develop Capital Expenditure roadmaps
Manage execution of allactions across thesite

 - redacted
**Required Skills/Experience
Bachelors or Master’s degree in related field with 5+ years of experience in high-tech manufacturing environment
Strong communication skills with ability to report to senior level executives
Project management methodology
Able to lead and influence cross-functional teams
Strong analytical skills
Manufacturing or Facilities background
Self-motivated, able to take initiative and effectively prioritize work
The issue is I DO want training and certification in project management - too often my employer just appoints people as project managers who have no training or skills, with predictable results

I want to bring some best-industry-practice to this project; it's a 10-year roadmap

So, who/where is considered an industry-leading project management training establishment?
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