= Best Entry-Level IT/Tech certification to go along with Project Management? =

Hey everyone! So Im 27 years old working on getting my CAPM certification. I was previously working in the sales industry & now im switching and getting into project management. However, from what I’ve heard, its good to have some sort of IT/tech background if you want to make good $$ in the project management field

What would you guys recommend I do alongside my CAPM that will help me excel in my career starting as a project manager? Thanks in advance for all your support. Cheers! :)
Seconding ITIL and some form of cloud certification

ITIL is useful for aof places, especially gov contracting. Some of the big name ticketing software is designed around the ITIL structure. If nothing else, knowing some of it will help you interface with other IT teams/orgs/clients

Having a base level cert in cloud computing is always useful, you don't have to get super technical, you can go with whichever requires the least "hands on" knowledge. You are basically just proving you understand, in theory, what is happening. Most industries are moving to cloud models, so the skill set is in demand

Do some entry level IT classes. Hardware basics, networking basics, intro to coding, etc. Many have easy to get certifications (Comptia and entry level Cisco), but simply studying for them will teach you some more about industry standards, conventions, and best practices

Do this locally: Configure a system for users through ad install git/svn, learn the basics for versioning start learning the vanilla basics of html, css, js build a frontend for a blog install iis, host the blog on it install sql server express find a way to do crud operations through backend logic do pm / it content host it online put it on your resume
on the way, you'll read a lot, you write down a lot blog-posts along the way: your practical certifications

But before that: use that rough Information of me, try to make a project plan of something you dont know that well, gain massive experience and an overview of the IT landscape

imo, this will lead safely to an junior pm Job for Software and beats any 'theoretical document'

this could take a few months, but will bring you to an point, where you will be able to babble about the topics, helps you estimate future IT tasks which you will hand out to your team, helps you prevent being played by a Software contractor, wheres a high Chance, that he will try that to make a 1300% ROI out of you

the Information i gave you - is kinda rough explained, which will maybe put many questionmarks over your head. get used to it, cause that will be pretty common

6 figures will follow soon 😊
edit: sorry for the bad Format.. this Post should have proper line breaks.. didnt do it.. maybe cause I used my Phone.. anyway: good luck!
Certified Scrum Master is a good one to learn the IT world lingo and basics of how things operate in that industry

Learning about things like Jira or Microsoft DevOps is handy too. Lots of free course give a good primer on tools like these and once you learn the specific lingo they use, it’s pretty single to get the hang of it

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