= I am 25 yrs old. Grad school student currently. I am applying for my first real full time job. Only have internship experience. Aspiring product manager/project manager in consulting/tech. Is CPAM worth it? =

Is the CAPM worth it for me to pursue? I understand the PMP is not for me at this time as I don’t have the required prerequisites

Also, can I list the PMP/CAPM in progress on my resume to boost chances of landing interviews?
I already did a certified scrum master certification

You can enroll in AR project management program on Udemy, see for the course and it’s a small investment

Diving straight into product manager/ mgmt might be a burnout about to happen real quick situation

Check out PM diego on LinkedIn/ YouTube - he has solid advice and suggestions. If any of that makes sense then you can sign up for PMP

YMMV, but CAPM assisted me and a few others. OP has no experience yet, and the CAPM cert counts at the 35h PMP course when the time comes for OP to go after the PMP

OP, you can also do the Google Coursera course

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