= One-Stop Services for Project Management is the Best Solution for Your Business =

Project management is a necessary part of any business. It helps you to track your progress and stay on top of deadlines. But juggling between various tasks and projects can be difficult, especially when you have many different departments to manage

One-Stop Services for Project Management is the best solution for your business because it offers everything you need to manage your projects. It provides project management tools, project management templates, project management software, project management training and other services that are necessary for managing a successful project

Feasibility study [Study project various aspects of project to maximized return on investment]
Environmental impact assessment [Analyse environmental impact report including asking government for project permission]
Permit and Licensing [Handling other permits and licenses, e.g. Construction permit, Fire-fighting license, Electricity license, Operation license, Tax incentive.]
**Execution (EPC
Engineering [Efficient design from expert system integrator team]
Procurement [Market competitive with various ecosystem e.g quality fabrication shops and worldwide machine sourcing partners.]
Construction and Installation [Partnered with reliable contractors
Site management [EPS's long experiences in professional site management especially safety]
Plant commissioning [Collaborate with experienced supervisors to fine-tune process]
Operation and Maintenance [ Total solution for operation and maintenance]
Waste management [Bottom slag and Fly ash management]
Fuel supply [Fuel design, Plantation, Fuel preparation and supply]
Spare part supply [Spare part stocking and supply for breakdown and overhual]
EPS provides one-stop services for project management covered from project initiation up till its closure. EPS services comprised of the P-E-A model (Pre-construction, Execution, and After-construction), ranging from Feasibility study, Environmental impact assessment, Permit and Licensing, EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction), Site management, Plant Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, including Consumable supply

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