= Best Project Management Tools for small teams? =

I was wondering, with so many options out there like Jira, ClickUp, Asana, Monday.com, Codecks, Trello, Notion, HackNPlan, for people that have used any project management tool for games before and had a very good experience, which one do you recommend ?
In my particular case, pricing itself isn't a problem but I am looking for something that can allow me to integrate a lot of files (like spreadsheets, docs) and allow me to have a nice view of the tasks and what I and my colleagues have to do and who is doing what

Also as a bit off-topic questions, any good wiki-like tools? (like how Confluence is for Jira for instance). I'm guessing that's a better way of keeping track of concept art, design documents etc

For small teams I am a huge fan of
**Asana In the past I used **Trello** but it was just a little too simple for my needs, thought I know a lot of team do get a lot of milage out of it. I would not recommend **Jira** because it is still very heavy and requires a lot of setting up and management to maintain. I love **Notion** for creating knowledge bases but have not found it useful for project management. However, I know they are making changes towards more project management features, so perhaps this will change soon. I know **Monday** is very popular right now for its simplicity and flexibility but I still find **Asana** to be more accessible

I am curious to know what you mean by integration with files (spreadsheets, docs, etc There are a few different solutions for this, and each of the tools above approach it differently. Any insight might help me provide more info

Thanks for the reply! By integration, I mean being able to see for instance docs (like a GDD or any art document) or Google Sheets directly in the app, without having to link to a Google drive or Google Doc. I've seen integrations like this in Jira in my previous jobs but as you said, I wouldn't really like to go with Jira this time around 😅

A lot of git services have project boards built in now, at least github, gitlab, and codeberg do. To reduce complexity of devops I'd just use those (bonus: github and gitlab have their own CD/ci platform built in and I think codeberg is working on one)
Also many git services have wiki's built into project repos
Not a professional developer but I use ClickUp in my day job and enjoy itway more streamlined than Jira was, tons of customization, reporting tools, and automation. It's very easy to attach documents to tasks

IIRC the pricing is pretty decent compared to others because they aren't as strict on unpaid user/guest access, so you may even save a bit if everyone on the team doesn't need to be a "member."
They are putting some project management tool in beta

In few months it will be a bomb

If your team is under 10 people it might be worth to check out rock.so - You get a lot of functionality that you would typically pay for under bigger competitors like Trello or Slack in one place

The app allows you to quite easily combine your messaging with tasks, you can also add files and start meetings with integrations to Zoom and Google Meet

my startup use to use monday.com, we literally hated it. right now we've switched to fluorine.app and i have to say its pretty solid