= Best Entry-Level IT/Tech courses/certs to go along with Project Management? =

Hey everyone! So Im 27 years old working on getting my CAPM certification. I was previously working in the sales industry & now im switching and getting into project management. However, from what I’ve heard, its good to have some sort of IT/tech background if you want to make good $$ in the project management field

What would you guys recommend I do alongside my CAPM that will help me excel in my career starting as a project manager? Thanks in advance for all your support. Cheers! :)
Not that Im looking to stay on the tech side per se but Im more focused on having the technical knowledge that project managers can find useful in their roles. Also when I say technical, Im not looking to learn or understand coding because that definitely isn’t my cup of tea heheh. I will definitely look up scrum alliance though!! Thanks a lot!
I'm a bit biased but I would recommend checking out Trailhead. This is module-based, free learning put together by Salesforce. They have some pretty great modules regarding project management, agile methodology, application lifecycle management, release management, business analysis, etc. These are all areas that a tech PM should