= Berkeley Executive Program in Management =
= Berkeley Executive Program in Management =
== Overview ==
As a driven leader aspiring to even greater heights in your career, taking time to reinvest in your personal brand and skillset is essential. In today's complex global business environment, the best leaders have vast networks that provide access to the latest knowledge and experiences and bring these assets to their organizations

The Berkeley Executive Program in Management prepares you for the next level of leadership. Actively leveraging Berkeley's unique strengths, the programyou to the latest theories and best practices in business, from strategy to team leadership, influence, innovation, product management, and more. You will leave the program with a mark of distinction from a world-renowned university and prepared to lead an enterprise

The modular design of this program, which combines classes in India and Berkeley with an online experience, is tailored for rising executives in emerging economies like India

== Features, Dates, & Cost ==
Apart from becoming part of your own cohort community and building an enviable network, participants graduate from the Berkeley Executive Program in Management as a member of the Certificate of Business Excellence and Berkeley Haas alumni community

- A UC Berkeley Haas email forwarding address (@haas.executivealumni.berkeley.edu)
- Ability to join local alumni chapters or clubs in your region
- Join the private, invitation-only Berkeley Haas Alumni LinkedIn group
- Invitations to the annual Berkeley Haas alumni conference and select sponsored events and Berkeley Executive Education Networking events
- The Berkeley Executive Program in Management Certificate from the UC Berkeley Executive Education at the Haas School of Business
- Public visitor access to select campus libraries and university database services. (Remote and onsite access available for select services)

- A One-year digital subscription to the California Management Review
- Receive Berkeley Haas Alumni e-newsletter
- A 30% discount on all eligible future Berkeley Executive Education programs
- Access to Haas Amplified – Latest research and thought leadership from Industry speakers and faculty
- Access to Berkeley Haas Alumni Jobs e-Newsletter via subscription, with latest job posting from distinguished employers
*All benefits are subject to change
 Program Dates & Cost 
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== Who It's For ==
The Berkeley Executive Program in Management, India, is designed to create a deeply relevant, immersive and dynamic learning experience for senior executives ready for the next level of the leadership challenge. Participants may come from a range of industries and functions, and all will be technologically savvy, open to innovation and change, and driven to make a difference in their work environments. The program will benefit senior professionals with:
- Significant experience and demonstrated career progression across levels, including: CXOs, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers, Senior Managers, and individuals in leadership roles in a variety of settings

- A strong drive to succeed and aspirations for reaching beyond the obvious career milestones

== Requirements & Partner ==
- Demonstrated ability to adapt, learn, and apply new knowledge in varied situations

- A minimum of 10+ years of work experience in functional, technical, or business roles

- A graduate degree with a strong academic track record

- Fluency in written and spoken English

 Program Partners 

== Curriculum ==
The year-long program comprises 6 Academic modules, 2 core foundational courses including a boot-camp, several workshops, and a capstone project covering the entire general management learning landscape

This module helps you discover your unique strengths and areas of improvement leading to practical action plans for your professional growth

- Diagnostic survey results – using data to improve self-awareness and leverage strengths
- Understand your management challenges and opportunities
- Managing organizational dynamics
- How to succeed in a matrix organization
- Creating and managing high-performance teams
- Negotiation as a strategic communication tool
- Effective influence and persuasion
- Influencing people and leading change group exercise
- The leader as coach
- How to attract, develop, motivate, and retain talent
- Effective leadership
This module takes product management and strategy and extends it to include innovation as a required element for continued growth and success for products, services, and organizations as a whole. It takes you, the leader, through the journey of developing an innovation-centric view in all aspects of work as opposed to innovation as part of the R&D function. This module aims to develop you into a more flexible, forward-thinking executive, comfortable with the language and management of innovation

- Introduction to innovation
- Introduction to innovative leadership
- Idea generation and the business model canvas
- Customer-focused experimentation
- Internally focused experimentation
- Leading innovative change
This module brings the focus back on essentials of innovating and managing products and services—the keys to competing and winning in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. The module looks at all necessary elements of product management including pricing, business models, marketing, customer-focused design, influence without authority, and competing to win

- Organizational strategy and product management
- The business model canvas
- Customer-focused design
- Market research
- Breakthrough results with pricing and power pricing
- Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
- Product life cycle
- Product portfolio planning
This module takes you through strategic applications of the important aspects of finance and accounting, with a focus on understanding and applying the appropriate tools to your advantage. It will help you to speak the language used by the CFO and the finance function and allow you to make more informed decisions as well as avoid costly mistakes. You will learn to make vital strategic decisions related to:
- Strategies, performance and decisions of the firm and its competitors
- Operational, financing and investment decisions
- Value creation, valuation and future financial performance
- Cost allocations and strategic project opportunities
- Performance evaluations and incentive designs
Product management and marketing are intricately linked to strategy, and this module delivers practical methods for strategy formulation and implementation for business units and the enterprise as a whole. Participants will come away with forward-looking techniques for assessing the competition and effective positioning for competitive advantage. This module covers all areas of strategy, including:
- Industry structure and analysis
- Strategic value curves
- Corporate strategy
- Strategic planning
- Competitive strategy
- Interactive strategy
- Growth strategies
This module aims to transform your leadership capabilities with productive interpersonal exchanges, enabling you to influence any audience. The module builds upon the art of communication to make powerful impressions on your audiences and forge more productive relationships with coworkers

- Leadership presence
- Enriching and effective feedback techniques
- Discovering your authentic leadership
- Introduction to coaching skills &tools
- Coaching demonstrations
- Inquiry – the art of asking curious questions
- Small group coaching practice
== Core Foundational Courses ==
In collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing, Northwest Executive Education will deliver three online foundational courses followed by in-class Managerial Finance bootcamp

This module from Harvard Business Publishing provides participants with the skills and guided practice necessary to master fundamental concepts in business communication, including planning, writing, and presenting. Students learn how to manage and lead more effectively by organizing and executing successful business communication strategies

The Financial Accounting module from Harvard Business Publishing is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of financial accounting in a management context. The module teaches participants how accounting systems are used to record the day-to-day economic activities of a business and places special emphasis on understanding accounting terminology. Participants learn fundamental accounting concepts and then apply those concepts in a detailed examination of the financial statements used to describe the business. Throughout the module, participants are presented with real-world challenges that require them to interpret the financial data to find answers

This module from Harvard Business Publishing provides a fundamental understanding of the principles, analytical tools, and knowledge needed to make good investment and financing decisions. The module introduces participants to finance ratios, forecasting methods, capital structure theory, and risk-return analysis and then asks them to apply these concepts in several different approaches to valuing a business

Financial accounting and Corporate Finance module are followed by an in-person two day module delivered by Northwest Executive Education focused on applying the principles learnt on multiple domains. This module also explores applications in valuations in context of Venture Capital, Mergers &&Acquisitions and Private equity transactions

== Workshops ==
Our partner, Northwest, will deliver workshops on topics contextual to India or a skillset that is absolutely essential and required toas a senior executive. Below is a list of topics covered in workshops led by industry professionals that will take place in between the academic modules

- Expert problem solving techniques
- Managing successful operations
- Balanced Scorecard
- Managing your professional career
- Business model transformation
- Exponential and disruptive technologies
== Capstone Project ==
The program includes a capstone project focused on implementing the learning within the program, in the context of your current or future workplace. The project topics could include a business plan proposal for the organization to expand into a new area, a specific business challenge at your workplace, or an interesting opportunity in the broader industry landscape. Northwest Executive Education will work one on one with participants to help them identify impactful projects. The capstone project will have three phases at an Individual or team level

== Phase 1 |Initiation and planning ==
== Phase 2 |Mid-term project review and workout ==
== Phase 3 |Final presentation to faculty panel and feedback session ==
== Industry Visits &&Speakers ==
As part of the program, participants will be introduced to the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley and San Francisco-Bay area. This will be achieved through visits to:
- Organizations that have developed and sustained a corporate innovation ecosystem
- Exciting startups which are on the forefront of innovation and breakthrough business models
- Accelerators and incubators that are deeply embedded in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Valley and constantly tracking patterns for identifying next big opportunity
Participants would get to hear from and interact with senior executives from some of these organizations&A, helping them decipher success code, culture and values of this ecosystem.