= Any tips to accelerate learning? =

I’m starting honors Spanish this year as a freshman in high school, planning to obtain my seal of biliteracy by my junior year. What are some things I can do/watch outside my school to boost my learning?

Change your phone language to Spanish, do any community classes offered in Spanish at your public library, watch Pokémon/Disney plus/Dota on Netflix in Spanish, get a private tutor if possible, do Duolingo daily (not to learn to speak it, but retain the streak and remind you to speak it daily), put post it notes on every Spanish translation of items in your room, make Spanish speaking friends, and talk to yourself in Spanish… any conversational prompts you can think of in Spanish, like those “job interview questions”, it’s fine if you only find them in English at first, just answer them in Spanish. Change your Xbox or PlayStation region to Spanish, it’s all good, your games will change into Spanish too. If you go to church, go to Spanish service. Etc. Things like that will help you. Any immersion anywhere you can find it

Starting from scratch? Dreaming spanish, duolingo/babble or other apps. Once you have a solid grasp of basics start reading children's books and watching children's programming until you move up to a middle/high school level of spanish. If you like sports you can watch sports in spanish for free on YouTube and other apps as well

Other than that the only way to accelerate your spanish is being more dedicated to learning Spanish. Someone putting in an hour a day is gonna see more improvement than someone putting in just 15 minutes

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